Halloween may be over, but there's still plenty of vampire slaying to be done in Square Ennix's Bloodmasque [Free], which is currently free for the first time ever. Originally releasing this past July, Bloodmasque is an action RPG that tasks you with ridding Paris of vampires in the late 1800s. Combat resembles the face-to-face fighting of Infinity Blade, and there's a fairly robust leveling system for your vampire slayer along with a variety of different weapons and attacks to acquire along the way.

We thought Bloodmasque was pretty stellar in our review, but there's another interesting aspect to the game that doesn't involve gameplay at all: the Masque system. In Bloodmasque you can actually use your device's camera to snap a picture of your own face and then import it into the game, right onto the face of your character. It sounds like a gimmick, and it pretty much is, but for whatever reason it's one of the most fun gimmicks I've ever experienced in a game. The results are often hilarious, and even if you're not into action games or vampire slaying, I'd say Bloodmasque is well worth downloading for free just to dork around with the photo importing. You'll likely be surprised how entertaining it actually is.

Thankfully, though, Bloodmasque isn't just a photo gimmick, and is actually a really great game overall. If you weren't sure if it would be your kind of thing and the price put you off of it before, now is your chance to check it out risk free. Just be careful what sort of images you upload onto the face in the game, as sometimes what has been seen can never be unseen.

  • defunct32

    I wonder why aren't any of their FF titles ever free...? (All The Bravest does not count) Anyway, BLOODMASQUE is decent and since it's free all the more you guys should grab it.

    • Bliquid

      Was about to write the same thing.

    • Jake7905

      I don't think we'll ever see a core FF game go free, they all have a premium price and no IAP. I don't see what Square would gain from that, unless it's some kind of Apple sponsored give away. It'd be just as shocking to see something like XCOM go free.

      • defunct32

        It would be nice if at least one of their FF titles go free for at least 24 hours, as a nice gesture and to thank fans for all their support and as an apology for milking the abomination that is FF13.

      • snipyro

        Absolutely sick of you FF13 haters. It's perfectly fine to dislike a game, but the amount of hate it gets is ridiculous. I sure don't go around flaming every single game I don't enjoy - I just move on. And I see no reason for square enix to make any FF games free on iOS. They're great value for what you pay - and most certainly a refreshing departure from the amount of freemium games on iOS.

      • defunct32

        And how do you even know I go around flaming every single games I don't like? ... Have you been spying on me? Duuudeeee. :/

      • Snipyro12

        Sorry if I came off really abrupt and rude, I wasn't having a great day, though that's not a good excuse. I didn't meant to imply you go around flaming every single game you don't like - I'm just personally annoyed at the FF13 hate everywhere. I honestly don't think it's a bad game (not amazing, sure), and I just find it very frustrating when people attack me (not you, but on websites like IGN) for liking something they dislike. I just think FF13 gets a lot of undeserved hate, and wish people would stop posting comments like "FF13 is an abomination and needs to die". As a fan, I'm personally keen to see how the story ends, so I'm looking forward to the last entry.

      • defunct32

        Nah! I'm just messing with you! I actually DID enjoy FF13 but I feel like the whole plot is disjointed, I miss FF in all its glory goodness... FF9 and since Square is releasing FFX all is forgiven to be honest!

      • defunct32

        I'll make fun of things or even hate what I don't enjoy but I'll never go and attack people for liking things I don't like, everyone has different taste, most of my friends don't get RPGs, they can insult or say whatever but I don't feel the need to explain anything as long as they don't get critical towards me as a person and a gamer.

  • Jzracin

    Oh shiz downloading tonight when I get off hopefully it stays free till I get off

    • defunct32

      Baby, it's free until the 7th of November.

      • Jake7905

        Thanks, Sugar.

      • defunct32


  • iammane

    Aweeeeesome lol thanks for the heads up!

  • Game.PN

    Good Hunting!!! πŸ™‚

  • Ramaz1234


  • Poo

    I paid like 7 bucks for this now it's free...

    • Love!

      It happened with me with Infinity blade 2..
      Although I paid only .99, it went free the next day --"

      • daftman

        That EXACT same thing happened to me O_O

      • Pivi

        Hehh, I paid full price for IB2, and next day it went free... Though I do not regret anything, that game worth every penny.

    • tinkie277

      Annoying as!

  • FrehleyzComet

    I don't regret paying money for this one at all. Definitely grab it while it's free!!

  • Mess

    This has been an exceptional week for freebies and sales; Ravensword, Limbo, and now this... Will clear some space and dl for sure.

    *Not sure of I will enjoy the game or not but the photo import sounds like fun πŸ˜€

  • Kane

    My Bloodmasque... Is the Mask you see to your left πŸ™‚

  • rich_952000

    I stopped downloading halfway through, as I was reading reviews the main thing being said is that a constant wifi connection is required to play.

    • defunct32

      Yes! But it's fun, I've an iPod and I was miffed at first but it's so fun and FF VI is coming and so is FFX so all has been forgiven.

  • one.sixty.four

    didn't this used to be rated 17+? did they clean it up? anyway I'll give it a download.

    • defunct32

      I see no difference it's probably just to attract more customers. It's nothing gory to even warrant a 17+ in the first place.

  • ImLegend

    Give me back my 7 bucks

  • doublezz

    Errrr I paid full price and also spent $60 for IAP before they adjusting the price. But Bloodmasque is an awesome game, it worthies.

    • lll Anubis lll

      $60 dollars for iap?

      • doublezz

        Yeah. Although it is not required, but I paid the $60 for purchasing the ruby in the game so I can gear with golden striker which gives you a better chance to find top tier items.
        The game starts with easy minors, but later on progresses into pretty hard, especially after you beat the game there are 7 hidden bosses which are really beastly.

      • dancj

        No IAP in any game is worth $60

      • kioshi

        Well I spent like 50 bucks on Punch Quest because I got too carried away so I can relate.

        (Never spent any consumable IAP on Amy other game)

  • Adsinjapan

    I've been sitting on my hands for a long while for this to happen. The moment the notification came in from the TA app, I swooped in and downloaded the game in seconds! Thank you TA and thank you Square Enix!

  • 21tigermike

    "Played" it for literally 2 seconds and deleted it. Requires wifi? Weird. Shame to see Square flopping around like this.