We loved Anomaly Warzone Earth [$3.99] when it was released, and the pseudo-sequel-y expansion Anomaly Korea [$3.99] kept that gravy train rolling with even more fantastic tower offense gameplay. Anomaly 2 gives fans of the Anomaly series even more awesome aliens to blow up, and the game is only getting more and more cinematic as it goes on. We did see some odd framerate drops on my iPad 4, but who knows if that's iOS 7 related or the result of some other weird issue that we're betting gets fixed before long.

Either way, be sure to check out us playing through the first level:

Anomaly 2 should be available tonight at 11:00 PM Eastern, and you should definitely check it out. The vibe in our forums seems pretty positive, and I'm really excited for more people to get the game to give multiplayer a spin.

International App Store Link: Anomaly 2, $4.99

  • Ph0lly

    It's not mentioned but this is also available on Steam in case anyone is interested and didn't know.

  • Jake7905

    When I saw this pop up on the Mac App Store a while back I decided to wait, and hope, for a universal IOS release. Tonight, my patience will be rewarded.

  • RickyBrooke

    It's out - just got it, follow the link above!

  • Chaoticpattern

    Perhaps the frame rate issue is due to the iPad needing to output to a secondary device for recording? How's the framer ate when the game is played on just the iPad screen?

  • razorracer83

    There is some hypocrisy in the description for the device requirements. It says that only the most advanced devices can run the game, yet it states that the iPhone 4 should be able to run this game, and not the iPod Touch 5G. They should be bluntly forthcoming and say that they don't wan't nobody to sully their their masterpiece with their second-rate iPods. And, as a 32 GB iPod Touch 5G owner, I'm ashamed.

    • rabidnz

      If you are ashamed of carrying around a phone and an Ipod like a noob, then get an iphone.

      • razorracer83

        Not everyone in the world in wants/needs/can afford an iPhone and not everyone wants to be trolled

  • rabidnz

    Will wait for framerate fix and hopefully subsequent price drop 😉