rct3logoToday Frontier Developments, makers of LostWinds [$3.99], LostWinds 2 [$3.99] and Coaster Crazy [Free] on iOS, have announced a new partnership with Atari which gives the developer the option to bring their 2004 PC hit RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 to "new formats such as today’s tablet computers and game consoles."

The original RollerCoaster Tycoon launched on PC back in 1999 and is one of the most beloved simulation games ever, with people constantly requesting it make an appearance on iOS for as long as I can remember. Around this time last year, Atari did announce that RollerCoaster Tycoon would be appearing in some form in the App Store, but with Atari facing financial woes in the beginning of 2013 the title has been endlessly pushed back and doesn't appear to be coming at all anymore. Perhaps this new deal with Frontier is a way for Atari to make good on their promise of RollerCoaster Tycoon coming to iOS.

However, while this new deal means that Frontier can bring RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 to mobile, it doesn't mean they will. I can't imagine that they wouldn't, given the sheer size of the iOS installed base and the success of their previous iOS efforts, but we'll have to wait for official confirmation.

  • Megagator

    Ach, not the worst of the trilogy, start with the original!

    • RickyBrooke

      Okay RCT1+2 are the classic isometric style sims ( with RCT 2 + expansion packs ) and the definitive Chris Sawyer & Atari versions. Love them with all my heart.

      But RCT3 with full 3D? Ride your creations? Day & night cycles? Water effects? Modern coaster types? Fireworks and lighting? Animals & hundreds of scenery items? Enhanced guests? ... Want me to on? RCT3 is the BEST of the series by far and Frontiers Coaster Crazy showed that they can deliver a quality coaster sim game for iOS. I loved that title but felt it missed the park management that I love about RCT and the coaster building felt too much like puzzle solving ( having to thread those hoops )... So for me if they can bring the smooth coaster building engine into a RCT management sim then it's gotta be a fantastic game... I've been waiting for RCT for iOS for years now really hope this happens!

      • Xissoric

        Completely agree

      • JustMeNow

        I've always wanted RCT3 but each time I'm about to get it, something goes wrong and I don't. If it were on iPhone for free going up to $4.99, with all the PC features (how hard could it be for a 2004 game?) I would most likely buy it! (most likely because I'm out of money on my iTunes card and I need to get another one)

    • http://blucurv.com Ben

      I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you. RCT3 was, simply put, the best one of the bunch. I still remember the silly little people vomiting all over the grass as they wondered off away from the roads. Ah, fond memories. BRING IT BACK DEVS, I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS!!!

    • toxiccheese

      I loved the original RCT, and 2 and 3 are ok. Any version on iOS is a win. I just hope the controls can be well implemented.

  • RickyBrooke

    Yes!!! The news that I have been waiting for... RCT1, RCT2 or RCT3 all are fantastic classic sim games that have endless expansion pack possibilities - any of these versions of the franchise will be amazing on iOS so please make this happen Frontier! 😀

  • Hoggy110

    Roller Coaster Tycoon 3...Frontier Developments...iOS?!?!

    *screams like an average teenage fangirl*

  • GameExp3rt

    It better or I'll kick some dev @šś

  • Hawaii Jeff

    LOVED Coaster Crazy!

    Still waiting for them to release the Wii U version- hopefully it's this year!

    • JustMeNow

      Love the Wii U... Well I like NSMBU. If the RCT3 for iOS could interact with a Wii U RTC3, I would have an actual reason to get it for more than one game. I know it plays Wii games, but I already have a Wii, and I love it.

  • http://blucurv.com Ben

    Man, this game was super awesome. I have fond memories of my wife and I playing it on our dinky laptop during my college years. Please, please, please bring it to iOS.

  • Xissoric

    This would be really cool!

  • anabolicMike

    Atari is involved. Don't hold your breath or expect a smooth ride my friends. Yes, I know they are licensing it. Doesn't matter they are involved and even though when I was just a wee lad Atari could do no wrong, things have changed. They have been cursed. I can't even name the game that cursed them. You know the one, it's been horrible since then.

  • Digibear

    Inb4 it's free to play and has build times, of course with in game premium currency to speed up construction.

    But seriously. Please don't ruin another classic title like EA did with Dungeon Keeper.

  • thematrixx

    Let's just hope no one gets a stupid idea like IAPs..I for one would be happy to pay a premium price for a great title as long as they do not try to keep milking it in order to play

  • Holcman

    I love this game on CD, SO HYPED!

  • Taclys

    I will pay any reasonable amount of money for this. Make it happen.

  • Salsander

    I have been waiting for a RollerCoaster Tycoon experience on the go for a while now. Hopefully this wont be a companion app. However because Atari specifically said "RollerCoaster Tycoon 3", that sort of implies they will be making the full experience (hopefully).

    RCT3 was one of my favorite games of the series. The visuals were fantastic (for it's time) and I enjoyed ride camera. I only missed some of the realism in the original RCT. I have a guilty pleasure of killing my peeps :3

  • rewyan

    Coaster Crazy is a great game with great physics and graphics. I'm excited for this one, even though I've only played it for about an hour on the PC.

  • besweeet

    I just couldn't get used to RCT3, similar to how I couldn't get used to anything beyond The Sims 1 (+ all it's expansion packs).

  • vatche

    I'd much rather Chris Sawyer's team give RCT 1 & 2 the same care they showed Transport Tycoon, 3 doesn't hold a candle to the original. My worry is this will come out to be like Theme Park on iOS, similar in name only.

  • http://www.ebog.me/ ebog

    RollerCoaster Tycoon! OMG! I played it a long time ago, when I was still small. And now after a forgotten time, it came back, this really is a great little surprise for me.

  • bigred447uk

    I wish Frontier would port the Elite space trader games. Especially the second game.

    • Bool Zero

      Wish I could like your comment more! I'd even take Freelanncer if they wanted to port a more modern take on the game, it being the spiritual successor and all!

  • jamiejap

    Hate the 3d Version, loved number one and two. Really liked to play the original on iOS.

  • Snowyday2

    Cool I can't wait to play RollerCoaster Tycoon on IPad Air

  • TeddyNYC

    If Frontier releases RCT 3 for iOS, I hope there will be a way to transfer saved parks from the PC version to your iPad. I made a park in 2005 or 2006 (forgot the exact year) that's so amazing that I can't believe I made it. I went a little overboard with the pool complex, among other things.