Today Epic and Chair have detailed their forthcoming update to the mega-hit Infinity Blade III [$6.99]. The expansion pack is called Soul Hunter and will be a free update for owners of the game. It adds a new campaign quest which sees Isa and Siris face off against a new enemy threat: Oslim the Deathless Bloodmage. As the story goes, Oslim was sent by the Worker of Secrets to kill Isa and Siris in an effort to prevent them from uncovering the secrets of an ancient observatory. One very cool aspect about this new enemy Oslim is that he sports dual Infinity Blade weapons, and if you do manage to defeat him you'll be able to take hold of those dual weapons for yourself when playing as Siris.

In addition to the dual Infinity Blades, the Soul Hunter update contains a new set of full armor for each character. Siris gets the "fan-favorite" Vile set, while Isa gets use of the Stealth set. Also, fans of Infinity Blade II's seasonal Holiday Helm will be happy to see that feature return in the Soul Hunter update. It's no coincidence the update's launching on Halloween as it will add the Pumpkin Helm to pimp out your player with. The Holiday Helms will be persistent too, rather than rotating out with each holiday, and more Holiday Helms are planned for the future.

Additionally, Chair has taken all the player feedback they've received since the game's launch last month and made some significant tweaks and balances to the game. For those who've beaten the main campaign, you'll finally be able to skip past tutorial sections, the ending cutscene and credits when replaying through the game.

Also, potion, gem and forge times have been reduced across the board and completing quests will now give you a certain amount of elapsed time in the game, so hopefully the whole timer aspect will be a bit more friendly. You'll also be able to purchase additional forge, gem and potion slots so you can do more crafting at once if your other slots are constantly being occupied. Finally, the Soul Hunter update will add new tiers to existing Goals as well as brand new Goals, giving you more opportunities to earn in-game Battle Chips.

Soul Hunter will be available on October 31st, Halloween, and with its arrival Infinity Blade III will finally be compatible with iOS 6 in addition to iOS 7.

  • Der-Kleine

    "Soul Hunter will be available on October 31st, Halloween, and with its arrival Infinity Blade III will finally be compatible with iOS 6 in addition to iOS 7."

    Uhm, the game was always compatible with iOS 6...

    • defunct32

      I'm hoping they meant the bug fixes for iOS 7 is also made available for iOS 6, we're stuck with version 1.02, while 7 gets 1.04 with lots of features and fixes.

    • Brrobotix

      Not the latest versions. We didn't get bug fixes, clashmobs, or anything that was added in the recent versions

  • Der-Kleine

    Wait, so "shorter timers" now is a "gameplay enhancement"? Waiting for timers is now considered gameplay?!

    • defunct32


      • Bliquid

        Should we explain?

      • defunct32

        Ok go!

  • defunct32

    And about time!

  • Taclys

    Sounds good! I'm looking forward to it!

  • Brrobotix


    Shorter forge times, more forge slots, more enemies, vile armor, dual IBs, exploration with either character in maps... did they miss anything? definitely a leap in the right direction

  • Bliquid

    This grew old to me much faster than the previous entries.
    And it was time to be able to skip those cutscenes, dammit.

    • christopherrocs

      I agree, I had far more time (when I was still learning new things or beating new mobsters ect,) then in infinity blade three, also, I am only playing this game on my iPod 4, so no 2 things make me happier then a new update and more ios 6 support within almost a month of release.

  • Jake7905

    Sounds like Chair is doing what everyone was hoping for: ironing out the bugs and adding more content. Based on their track record with IB2, this is expected and welcome news.

  • Zaraf

    Are clashmobs fixed?

    • ElPumo

      I think they've been up and working.

  • Deixa

    Hope you can skip the intro!

  • Alan Baldwin

    I actually hope that the increased forge slots are IAP, like $.99 - $1.99 for an extra forge slot. This is the sort of IAP I'd spend on (even in a $7 game to begin with) -not some sort of one-time usable currency (timer speed-ups).

  • whitestatic

    This will hold us over while we wait for Infinity Blade: Dung...

    ...wait. What??


    • christopherrocs

      Oo sadly enough that was cancelled. Looked real fun two...;(

      • whitestatic

        Yeah I know. 🙂 Any time they post an article about Infinity Blade I make a comment about Dungeons.

  • Suji

    For some reason I bought and downloaded IB3 on my iPhone since first day, but I haven't really played it that much.

    • Bliquid

      Might i suggest to look deeper into that reason?
      6 bucks, mate.

      • Jake7905

        7 bucks actually

      • defunct32

        9 bucks here.

      • Suji

        Maybe I'm waiting for January so that my contract would end, and play it on 5s? But I'm still not sure, I'm not as hooked as IB1&2

      • christopherrocs

        Nor was 1

  • ElPumo

    Looks like Doom & Destiny will be idle for a bit when I break IB III back out!

  • Don Shell

    Is it just me, or is this the modern version of 'Dragon's Lair'? The graphics are incredible, no doubt, and the story's compelling, but the actual gameplay bores me to tears. Maybe I'm alone.

  • ebog

    Infinity Blade III is a game really worth buying to try on your phone. I played it for some time and now has many new improvements much more attractive.

  • curtisrshideler

    So will this be one of those huge updates that require gigs of free space it install or will it be an update that easily downloads on top of the already installed app?

  • StarViruZ

    Hope they will improve gem forging to create rare defense gems and spectrum attack gems

  • Sekelani

    Jts12:55am in Australia the 31st October. I hope it would be released soon

  • Daniel Noah

    I hope the new area has more exploration. All the new locations seem to be just one path with no branches. I miss the labyrinths of the older games.

  • szydab1

    Ur a bit late guys ik about the update for 2 weeks now

  • Eiio

    Can someone tell me how Well the game performs on the iphone 4s