We've found ourselves more interested in Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War [Free] than we typically are when it comes to Mobage's ultra-free to play offerings, because, well, Dungeons & Dragons. It's a great IP with decades worth of history behind it, and it feels like the App Store is perfect for a really awesome title that takes D&D style tabletop game play and uses all the great things that have come of iOS gaming to make something truly great. I'm imagining Pocket Heroes but with a real budget and recognizable IP behind it.

Unfortunately, Arena of War is not that, or anything close to that. Instead, it seems to borrow Squids' fling mechanic dressed up nicely with some D&D trimmings and doused with free to play. It's an odd mix, and our forum community reaction is incredibly varied. Regardless, like all Mobage games these days, it's free to try so if you have a love for D&D source material it's at least worth a download.

  • Poo

    The only IAP is 100 gold for a buck so I'm in!!

    • Morgan01

      Energy and timers.....IAP is for gold which buys Epic Chests and Epic Potions. I have yet to see a way to earn gold in the game. And the "lowest" IAP purchase is $.99, but the highest shown in-game is $99.99. That's Mobage for you.

  • anabolicMike

    So you fling your guys at bad guys? Um why? I saw the d&d title and was like woah I'm downloading this right away. Then, then I saw the thing about flinging.... No interest in that stuff. That wasn't what really killed it for me though. One simply word, one word that destroys each and every game. Mobage. Yeeeeeeuuuuucccckkkkkyyyyy

    • Jake7905

      Mobage= Garbage

      • Maniacfive

        SFT. Was interested in giving it a try till I saw Mobage. Won't bother.

      • Holcman

        Once again, no point in prejudice against a developer. If it's a good game okay it, if it's bad, trash it. At least you can try it for free.

      • Jake7905

        Ok I tried it, and still have the same opinion of Mobage. Just call it Dungeons & Disappointment.

  • Bool Zero

    I think its safe to say that the collective we wanted a D&D game... Just not this one! Part f the reason people are drawn to D&D is because of the tactical combat, not just the setting. I think that most would agree that this pretty game of marbles does not represent the D&D brand at all...

  • szodike

    Thank God, there is Baldur's Gate on ios...

  • TomCrown

    Very sad, would have preferred a real D&D game for the iPad.

    • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

      I'm with you, except I'd prefer a Universal D&D game of quality.

  • Morgan01

    OMG, Mobage is involved, that can't be good news.

  • defunct32

    I actually kinda like it, but I can see it's just a quick "pick me up to play when you're bored" kinda game.

    • metalmandave83

      Exactly. Not the D&D game we wanted but a nice game anyway.

      • Trisha Idleno Morey

        The game is shit and shouldn't be called RPG or D&D.

  • ivansodi

    Moba's are great when they are done in the right way. My favorite game is heroes of order and chaos, i just cant get enough of it, if this is in any way similar, I'm in.

    • Superatomic

      I don't think this is gonna to be similar in any way.

    • waxthirteen

      yeah, this isn't that kind of game at all. not even a tiny bit.

      • ivansodi

        Yeah i just tried it, mmmmm its not that bad but it gets boring after a while, its nothing like HoC i was totally confused

  • runliketurtles

    I really liked Squids, but this... I think I'll just go play Squids WW again.

    • William Hartman

      This game isnt a pimple on Squids rear end. Squids is far and above a better game, no question.

  • Zeillusion

    Lol guys above me talking above mobas. The dev is mobage, it's a company. They don't mean moba as in massive online battle arena. There saying mobage is crap, as in the company. Not moba the genre lol

    • siveon

      What the heck are you blathering about?

  • LORE


  • Landry Hash

    Eli you're too smart to fall into typical Dena/Mobage hate thing. Just give this game a fair review. I've been playing it and I like it, good for me I guess. Dena's Atakama studio down in Chile are behind this game. Finally some fresh air in Dena's boring CCG/TCG lineup.

  • JoelCave

    Front runner for worst use of IP in a game. Awful mechanics with very little to do with the original game. A pure stinker.

  • Morgan01

    This is clearly a "play-to-win" in the Mobage style in every sense, inclusive of timers. Yes, you get some rewards in the game, but these are menial compared to what you can get spending real money. With that said, the IAP is pretty much thrown in your face at every opportunity. This game clearly capitalizes on the D&D name, but has been striped away of any conventional RPG elements. You spawn in a room, kill the enemies, proceed with various waves including the final bass phase, then advance to the next area. You are able to choose limited character appearance upon character selection at the beginning and use skills acquired through chests. Sadly, this is the extent of any character customization. Little skill is required as all you do is aim and ricochet your character at enemies. There is an element of luck since where the enemy spawns can often dictate whether a level is successful. If your looking for a D&D style RPG, you won't find one here. If you looking for a quick time killer with simple mechanics, then this might be worth a try.

  • Mmo Trading
  • Morgan01

    $2.99 for a card draw is ludicrous

  • Trisha Idleno Morey

    This was HORRIBLE. They need to stop calling these games "RPGs" because there is NO role playing whatsoever. There is little to no character building, no multi-class or race building, no communicating with other players (unless they are mmorpg.. And those are seriously lacking as well); there is no STRATEGY or PROBLEM SOLVING WITH OTHERS involved which is the heart of a role playing game. Freedom of choice is also part of role playing as well as different alignments for characters. These are all used as tools to enjoy the "role playing" experience and none of them exist on ANY app. If D&D won't offer a decent and real Role Playing game the first person who does is going to make one hell of a profit and take the money straight out from under their nose and good. They deserve it, for letting us all down so badly. I don't know a single dungeons and dragons player (who have played more than just 4e) who is happy with them or any of the game developers for this serious oversight in the gaming world. We don't want to run around and just shoot the bad guy or stand in an arena and wear our thumbs out pushing a button over and over. RPGs attract SMART kids. This shit is LAME.