Way back in March of this year, developer One Man Left announced Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous, a long-awaited sequel to their stupidly awesome arcade game Tilt to Live [$2.99 / Free (HD)]. If you dig through the archive of Tilt to Live 2 news on the One Man Left blog, you'll find all sorts of cool glimpses into the development process of the sequel, culminating in a post this past Friday which shows off the very first actual screenshot for the game. And, here it is!


As explained in the post, Tilt to Live 2 uses a new dot renderer which makes the dastardly red circles "blend and squish together like liquid." Awesome. The sequel will boast other new features too, like a new combo system for scoring, epic boss fights, and–as explained in their post from earlier in the month–a new item called the "Brilliant Disguise" which lets your little arrow hero impersonate one of the enemy red dots so you can continue your murderous rampage of them without drawing attention. It all sounds way too cool, and the developers are hopeful that Tilt to Live 2 will be submitted to Apple by the end of the month and should hopefully launch before the end of the year.

  • Evolution888


  • dancj

    Tilt to Live with the graphic style of Fred Me Oil.

    Works for me.

  • bigrand1

    Oh yeah! I'm on this!

  • MrAsherkEsq

    Totally pumped for this.

  • StraightlineBoy

    The original Tilt to Live is probably my oldest game for iPhone that I still play regularly and is probably the game that I've sunk most hours into. Very interested to see the sequel

  • DannyTheElite

    Can we have an iOS 7 update for the original?

    • StraightlineBoy

      Why? Runs fine under iOS7 on my iPhone 4S

  • Wicked8146

    Pumped for this!

  • Mr. Grizzly

    Wow! The first one was so good. Looking forward to it.

  • uaq

    Omg! I came a little.

  • gnome9er