First Tiny Death Star, now Dungeon Keeper- Today seems like the day for soft launching your free to play game before it takes the world by storm. We've already had some extensive hands-on time with the game, and now both actual Canadians as well as "Canadians" who are ambitious enough to Google instructions for setting up a Canadian iTunes account can play.


As we've mentioned on the podcast, it's always really difficult to preview these kind of free to play games as it's so hard to gauge the gameplay to wait time ratio. Typically, you're playing a build that has millions of the various in-game currency (Which you can see in the above screenshot they're using for iTunes!) and you're encouraged to just skip every roadblock using it. So, even if you're not Canadian, the forum thread is going to be interesting to keep an eye on as our community starts playing the game.

  • Holcman

    I don't want to take the time to make a Canadian App Store account, so could someone tell me how the timers are? Based on the hands-on comments, they seem to be pretty bad.

    • alex98909

      I'm canadian and soon i'll post something about it here or on forums

      • alex98909

        Unplayable... Always crashes... This is when I realize i really need something better then ipod4g...

    • JJE McManus

      For example, a block of dirt takes about 5 minutes to mine out. A block of stone takes 4 hours. A block of hard stone takes literally days. All timers are avoided by "gems". Gems are acquired via achievements.
      The other two currency's are gold and stone. Both of which trickle out of mines
      Gems can also be used to convert to gold, stone, and mana (spells and crafting recipes)
      The current exchange rate is, of course, approximate but it's a safe bet to assume 500 gems = $5.

      The mechanics are the gameplay. Every exchange rate is fungible. It's a video game.

      • Holcman

        Thanks, that really helps. I'll try out the game when it's officially released.

      • Morgan01

        Wow, 4 hour and 24 hour timers? Also, there can only so many achievements that can be done for gems. Another games trashed by EA, what a shame.

    • mguenther

      The timers are pretty horrendous, and the mechanics are a pretty blatant ripoff from Clash of Clans, feels like nothing more than a re-skin

  • ste86uk

    I have a Canadian account and wondering about making an Australian one I want someone to tell me though if I download both of these once they are released worldwide will I keep my saves if downloading a uk version?

    • NOEN


      • ste86uk

        What would I do delete and re download from the store?

    • Morphzeus

      I would be delighted if you could give me allow me to load the game, "Dungeon Keeper". Can you help with a Finnish and New Zealand account. For example, for the game, "Supernauts" from the Finnish.

  • MkRwilliams

    Anybody else on a random comment spree?

    • NOEN

      I like eating toast in the morning.

  • Evolution888

    I tried running the app on my iTouch 4th gen and it loads to 90% but it freezes up and crashes

  • mutts

    In other words beter stick with the desktop version.
    Shame this is a free to play with timers game.

    • halljames

      Sounds a bit disappointing. The PC game was brilliant and it's awful to think they went to all the trouble of developing a mobile version for it to be hampered with Paywalls 🙁

  • jForsythe

    Out in Australia DL'ing now.

  • ooooh

    This game also requires internet connection 24/7 and the wait time of FOUR HOURS to dig out a stone block isn't that bad... A hard stone block is ONE DAY!! Ridiculous

    • ooooh

      Another game trashed by EA - Perhaps if you're happy to play for five to ten minutes a day you'll dig this, that or have plenty of money to waste on compulsory iap. The imps which are essential to build / maintain can only be purchased via gems. You can earn some in game but you need so many it's improbable.

      I hope this is rebalanced as it is now it is terrible and unplayable, shame as if it was kept like the original it would of been a good little title.

  • RinoaHeartily

    Can someone with iPhone 5s comment if it crashes? I don't think those crashes reported are using top notch devices

  • Jugar Jugar

    It really is a very exciting game and it rather attractive. I feel it is worth a try once. Nothing beyond its addictive to most notable

  • ooooh

    This is a first class sim... I was wrong about this, it is über realistic I mean how long does it take to mine a stone wall by hand? Four hours seems about right and 24 hours to mine hard stone, well yes again that is spot on. It's like having you're own real world dungeon... After many years I will be ready for battle!!

  • Kirs

    Should have been a premium app. I would pay $6 for it...unfortunately its a huge cashgrab...Pay to Win at its Finest! Grats EA...another franchise destroyed on mobile devices.

  • TomCrown

    Downloaded, took forever to connect, requires constant connection, paywall, deleted immediately, will not give EA mobile games benefit of the doubt again.

  • HandsomeLuke

    Have not played much but seems like a cool game. I have been looking for a good free to play game like this something that does not take much time to play I can launch the app for like 30 seconds do what I want to do and don't have to worry about it for another 4 hours or so. 🙂

  • Auxilare

    Another game, that could've been a perfect premium. Now just on the ignorelist.. What a shame...

  • Alendrix

    Here is my complaint. It works pretty much like 'Clash of Clans'. Which means you can get randomly attacked and lose all your resources by players who are MUCH HIGHER in level than you are. Of course, you can 'buy' protection with the real-world money gems.

    I deleted it off my phone in less than 24 hours.

  • kralzar

    I've tried it for a couple days now. Reskin of Clash of Clans is pretty accurate.

    Could be fun if the timers didn't ruin it. I'm not into these games you play for 1-2 mins then put down for hours.

    I also not issues with the AI. Sometimes defenders and attackers just stand there not really helping out like they are bugged.

    It is running on my iPhone 4. I notice you don't get to see the creatures or dungeon in full 3D all the time. Creatures display as icons and there is this weird 2D/3D popping that occurs when zooming in and out.

    Funniest part so far was when I attacked a dungeon and the dungeon name was EA SUCKS rofl.

    I'd play it if it wasn't for the wait times.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Not my kind of game.

  • Morphzeus

    Can anyone help out with Account Data, for the Store in Canada, or Australia? Like to help with the Finnish and New Zealand Store.