Last week Square Enix announced that the first eight Dragon Quest titles, as well as a Dragon Quest Monsters spinoff, would be hitting mobile devices in Japan. There has been no confirmation of a Western release just yet, but the folks at Famitsu have captured footage of the Japanese version of Dragon Quest VIII running on a smartphone. Check it out.

The first thing I noticed upon watching this video is that Dragon Quest VIII appears to have been designed to be fully played in portrait mode. I initially kind of groaned about that, as it just didn't seem right, but the more I think about it the more I like it. I love games that can be easily played with one hand, but for the most part those types of games are quick little arcade-style experiences designed to kill just a few minutes at a time. If I can rock a full-blown RPG with one hand while keeping my other hand free to do any number of awesome things, well, that's a win in my book.

Our fingers are still crossed for a Western release of these Dragon Quest titles, and they're starting to cramp up to be honest, so hopefully Square Enix can hurry up and make with some sort of official confirmation soon.

[Famitsu via Polygon]

  • Jfinx

    Fingers crossed here too.

  • Pivi

    Since Dragon Quest VIII has an official english translation, there's hope... I hope. 🙂

  • Zaraf

    I hope that lag in the gameplay is only because the phone that they are demoing on sucks.

  • MrAlbum

    But... what will you DO with that other hand?



  • Scot Damn

    Yes! Yes! More! Bring! Take Money!

  • defunct32

    Portrait mode? I know it's not exactly a bad thing but I do very much prefer playing my RPGs in landscape.

    • chinito77

      You can download DQ 1 from the iTunes Japan store. Not really liking the portrait aspect and the graphics look a little gritty. Even still, I like the orchestral soundtrack and it the nostalgic factor.

  • Carvool

    Dragon Quest is, like, the best thing ever. Soo hoping it makes it over here (especially DQV 😉 )

  • Earth Vs. Me

    Oh man, I am going to eat SO many bags of Cheetos with that free hand. Wonder how many bags I can wolf down in 80 hours.

  • Rivalsan

    I think this was a brilliant move! My guess is that they went with portrait mode because of the way a lot of people use smart phones in Japan. It really is much easier to do gaming on the go in portrait mode.

    I recently loaded this game up on my PlayStation 2, and was thinking of how cool it would be to play on my iPhone. I hope hope hope that they bring this over!

    • pdSlooper

      I'm thinking portrait mode will allow for better touch-controlled menus. I'm thinking of the way the DS made jRPGs (and Castlevania, for that matter) so much more fun to play, what with having an entire screen dedicated to a map/stat menu/battle screen, etc. This seems to me kinda like that, only more adjustable -- portrait mode has dimensions similar to the dual screens smooshed together, but since there's no physical divide there's more leeway in how to dedicate the pixelspace.

  • vane

    Gimme, gimme, gimme!!

  • ImJPaul

    Ya. If this doesn't come to the US then I'm gonna be like "SHUCKS YOU CUMQUAT LINT LICKING FANNYBAGS"

  • Michael O'Connor

    This looks terrible on a phone screen, with a layout like that, and so much empty space. I think it's safe to this that are/were plans for a 3DS port, and this is a holdover from that.

    While this would work on a device that offers you two screens to focus on, it just looks awkward here.

  • monetarydread

    The only concern I have is the menu system in battle. DQ VIII is a very battle heavy RPG. The UI shown off has a lot of extra button presses because of confirmation menu buttons. Increasing the length of battles significantly is going to do nothing but harm this game.

  • eventide

    DQ8 is my favorite DQ ever. That soundtrack

  • geno11233

    Let's juust hope they don't start with the first the seconde n so forth then a year later release the VIII.. They should just release them all at the same time if they can do it fast enough.