UnknownSome Square Enix RPG news hitting this week as the company has announced that their classic Dragon Quest series will be heading to mobile devices in Japan. Our savvy forum members have stumbled across an announcement website which shows that the first eight entries in the Dragon Quest series (aka Dragon Warrior in North America for a long time) will be released for iOS and Android devices. Several of the games in the series have received remakes and rereleases over the years, and it isn't clear which versions of these Dragon Quest games will be hitting mobile, but hey, they're coming in some form at least.

Upon further digging, there is another teaser site set up for a game titled Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light. Dragon Quest Monsters was a monster capturing and battling spinoff to the regular series that has seen several well-regarded iterations on handheld gaming systems for more than a decade. Again, it's not clear exactly what this Super Light version will bring, whether it will be based on existing games in the series or a completely revamped experience geared towards mobile, but it's nice to know that it's coming all the same.

The big question, as it is with Square Enix's recent announcement of Final Fantasy: Agito, is whether or not the Dragon Quest games or Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light will be heading to the US or not. As of right now all of these games are only confirmed for Japan, but given the success of rereleasing the first five proper Final Fantasy games in the US App Store, as well as several of its own spinoffs, I'd think it's pretty likely we'll be seeing all this Dragon Quest stuff hit our US shores at some point. More discussion on these titles can be found in our forums.

  • BillyOceansBlues

    considering all my favorite ios rpgs are the ones that are inspired by the DQ series, its basically christmas!!

  • FrehleyzComet

    Dragon Warrior was my first RPG! I've been hooked on them ever since. Drool...

    • Pavelbure

      Same here.
      I remember playing the first one on the nes and kept dying trying to get to a far away town. I then read the strategy guide that came with it, my video gaming world has never been the same since.

  • macatron

    This is awesome news! Now, if they could only release FF3 (i.e. FF6 overseas) I'd be floored! Oh well, I'll take what I can get. 🙂

    • themostunclean

      Other way around. FFVI in Japan, FFIII elsewhere.

      • macatron

        Well, being that I live in the United States, I'm not sure how I have it backwards?? You even agreed that it's FF6 in Japan (i.e. overseas). All semantics aside, however, I'm super excited for either IP to be converted over to iOS. 🙂

      • Bone16

        Keep your eyes open for the next emulator to sneak into the App Store. I have it on my phone, one of my favorites of all time in the FF series.

      • macatron

        Oh, I'm definitely good on emulators! I've managed to snag every one that's slipped through, so far, but I'd still LOVE to have a native iOS FF3 because it's my all time favorite too. 🙂

      • themostunclean

        Did you read my comment about mis-reading your comment? Sorry again. I be mucho psyched too!

      • macatron

        Doh! I just noticed your comment! LOL! No worries; it just left me scratching my head. 😛

    • themostunclean

      Oops. Misread that, sorry!

  • jamessh1

    Crossinf fingers for NA release 🙂

  • defunct32

    Why wouldn't SE localize these DQ games? Of course they will... Money, money, money and DQ is just as popular as the FF series, both Android and iOS? Mooooonneeeeyyy!

    • defunct32


    • Morgan01

      Unfortunately, the gaming market in Japan is different than everywhere else. SE can charge higher prices for games in Japan and can't conceive why the rest of the world isn't as willing to pay their higher prices.

      • Aventador

        But then again most dragon quest games have been translated so there is absolutely no excuse for them not to at least gauge interest with releasing first one.More than positive they will do just that , taken into account how good SE other games sold outside Japan market.

      • defunct32

        You're right! In fact, there won't be much localization to do considering most were already translated, unless there are new scenes, new scripts, etc! But point being I don't see why not?

        I need more RPG!

      • pdSlooper

        The translation is only part of the work of a Square Enix port, though. They pretty much always add bonus content, update graphics and at least alter the translation. If they just ported games straight (which is not itself an effortless action), they wouldn't be getting the most money from their IPs, plus they'd risk damaging their brand image by releasing very old games on new hardware.

        I do hope to see some of these games in English-language markets, though.

    • pdSlooper

      Square Enix has shown reluctance to localize Dragon Quest in the past. It's not that it isn't profitable, but it isn't as mind-boggingly profitable as it is in Japan.

  • pdSlooper

    Ooooh, do want!

  • Earth Vs. Me

    I think at this point Squeenix has more mobile games scheduled for release than console games. That is CRAZY!

    I doubt I'll have time and money to play the whole Dragon Quest series, but I'm definitely onboard for VIII. I'm sure it'll cost at least $30 though.

  • PresidentZer0

    How long did it take them to localize the ff games back than?

  • TJF588

    B-but I managed to nab IV-VI on NDS, yet still haven't beat them! (Lost my first DQIV card, so lots if retreading in store.) Now torn on whether to keep holding out, foar teh cheevos!

  • ImJPaul

    Giggidy giggidy gooooo

  • Chris Brady

    I wonder if they'll sell them for outrageously high prices again...

  • Flynn Taggart

    Dragon Quest rules Final Fantasy drools

  • Bone16

    Would love to have 8. Another all time favorite.

  • svan11

    I'm hoping for SNES style graphics for 1-3, NDS graphics for 4-6, PS1/PS2 quality for 7-8. DQ3 is probably my favorite and the translation patched rom works great with the SIOS emulator through eme4ios, but it would be nice to utilize the full screen in an official release.

  • Garzhod

    Still loving playing them in my DS.

  • ElPumo

    I think I played an early one in NES and thought it was a lot harder than the FF titles. Was it just one person in the party? That's what I seem to remember but it may have just been the one I played.

    • chronosv2

      The original Dragon Quest/Warrior had a single party member, yes. 2 and 3 had a party system.
      As for this news, I want these stateside so badly (especially 3 but all would be fantastic of course). Here's to hoping.

  • Goggles789

    Best news ever. Here's hoping to a western release.

  • zerilos

    Loved DQ 8 way to much. Insta buy.

  • iAmTheWalrus

    I'm betting SE will price a game like DQ8 at $20 minimum.

  • theorangeipod


  • Darkenroll

    This made me happy until I realized that 8 is the one I really want to play right now. Released chronologically... 2016 maybe?

  • swatbot

    Awesome, but I'll be waiting till some of the later games (V and up) come out. Hopefully they drop a bunch of them at once, for those of us interested in the newer titles.

  • chinito77

    You can download it from the iTunes Japan store. Not really liking the portrait aspect and the graphics look a little gritty. Even still, I like the orchestral soundtrack and it the nostalgic factor.

  • cinnamonandnutmeg

    I have both the first and the 8th games downloaded via a Japanese account and both are absolutely amazing! In a way, seeing the games in their iterations from first to eighth is a good way to encapsulate the series's evolution.

    DQ1: The first game id pretty much completable in a few days slog and retains all the charm of the original with a facelift of sorts.

    Pros: Absorbing storyline, great game mechanics and a chance to see and play one of the one of the founding grandfathers of the rpg genre! Easy to pick up and play and not too taxing for beginners to the series to quickly slalom their way through. Those unfamiliar with the series will quickly realise why this is a MUST have and the music and sfx will be instantly etched in memory!

    Cons: Short game and has some limitations and irritations by today's standards of rpgaming that it should be noted has been addressed in following sequels (i.e. Too many menu buttons required to be pressed to perform standard and regular actions) so be patient and just love it for its charms!

    DQ8: Wow! What a monumental landmark in mobile gaming! The FULL PS2 classic in the palm of your hands and improved graphically and optimised for mobile!

    Pros: HU-MONG-OUS world and amazing story, unforgettable characters and breathtakingly beautiful graphics! Brilliant music and will easily put in 100-possibly unlimited hours of gaming depending on how much of a completionist you are.

    Cons: The portrait view does require adjusting to I won't lie, especially for a game with such expansive views. HOWEVER, you WILL adjust to it I promise! The game is so absorbing and owing to its turn-based nature, it's a generous platform to take your time and the interface including pretty much one fingered controlling is surprisingly easy to acclimatise to. Some may balk at the 2,800yen (£20? / $25?) price for a 'port' but this is a full optimised game that is unlike anything you've seen on the mobile smartphone platform before! It is seriously worth every penny and is finally the evidence that the smartphone has certain games it can warrant paying console prices for! I'm sure many will have their qualms but this will mean no need to pull out a console anymore to play this title and it translates to pick up and play mobile gaming patterns effortlessly!

    Conclusion: Both games are yet to be released beyond Japanese shores but believe me, if you're a fan of the series, it's a no brainer. If you're yet to play the series or have merely flirted in the past, get these as soon as you can and you'll see why this is the best in rpgaming and just why the series is so acclaimed. Personally, I cannot WAIT for the rest of the games and if they release a face lifted DQ3 (with gbc bonus dungeon w/ grandragon et al) then I'm in heaven!