Rodeo Games' excellent tabletop-style strategic dungeon crawler Warhammer Quest [$2.99] has just received a massive new update, which they first teased us about back in August. It's called The Brutal Tribe update and it features a brand new region called Averland where you'll face off against new enemies such as Savage Orcs, Black Orcs and Stone Trolls. Averland contains 9 new settlements, 14 new Story Quests and new dungeon tile sets. This new premium content comes at a price though, so unlocking The Brutal Tribe will set you back $4.99. A pittance, I'm sure, for fans of the game.

There's even more premium unlockable content in this update in the form of three new playable characters. These characters are Shadow Warrior, Ogre Irongut and Bright Wizard. Each character can be unlocked for $2.99 apiece.


If you're a Warhammer Quest fan but don't feel like dropping any additional money for the new content, there's still quite a bit for you for free in this new update. The Level Cap has been increased from 6 to 8, plus there's a whole new set of Legendary weapons, new armors and new items to discover. Overall it sounds like a great new update for a great game, so fire up your copy of Warhammer Quest and check out the new Brutal Tribe content.

  • PallaZ

    IApp is way to expensive in this game.

    • wfsm

      I just think they need more money to make more IAP.

    • armilla

      I can stomach the IAP quest costs, but the individual class prices are a bit ridiculous - I don't think I'll ever buy them unless there's a bundle/discount.

      • Opinion

        Highly agree, i understand expanding the full game with new lands may come at a price, and five dollars for 9 wholly new settlements is definitely not bad. But 3 dollars for EACH character seems like a choice more than a way to regain what was put into the game. A pack of 3 characters for 2.99$ is way more attractive. At least give a way to test a character for a certain amount of missions. Even a free character for every 3 paid. I'm tempted as i love this game, but i don't see any benefits from blindly tapping on a character with the coolest name when they could easily keep their fan base in their palms with tactful leeway.

    • Maelwolf

      How is it too expensive? It costs a few dollars for hours of polished game play. Maybe you are way too cheap? There certainly are plenty of poorly made cheap games on IOS, as well as loads of freemium games you can play instead. The simple fact is, if you want a premium, quality game, of course you are going to have to pay for it. People can’t spend hours of development time with no chance for profit.

    • Maelwolf

      The simple fact is it costs money to produce quality product. The alternative is the freemium and cheapily produce mass market garbage that currently makes up 99% of the IOS gaming market.

  • funny_man_vanya

    Did anyone else get their cloud save erased when they updated?

    • Jake7905

      No problems here. Did you update through iTunes (your computer)? That's always the best way to go.

    • JRaynor

      i updated by itunes using a complete restore and i did lose my save file as well from icloud

      • Jake7905

        Weird, my save was intact. When it comes to iCloud, who knows?

      • Bool Zero

        Did you backup before you restored?

      • JRaynor

        no, because the save should be in icloud

      • Ceci Pipe

        Old comment, but don't trust the cloud for anything really important. Most companies are okay at restoring lost content, but if you can't afford to lose it then back it up elsewhere. Redundancy makes your life easier.

    • phandaal

      Yep. Sucks. I won't be buying this new content.

  • Jake7905

    It's worth mentioning that the whole game has been rebalanced, overall WHQ is much more difficult (fun) then before. It makes the whole game worth replaying, even without the new IAP content. Also, the new expansion is designed for level 6 or higher, so if you're new to the game don't rush in.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Love this game. Bought all the new upgrades, expansion, weapons etc Worth it. Love the Mage and spells. Wiping out entire groups of monsters with the cinder spell is just so much fun.

    • Morgan01

      I just don't see spending an additional $33.00, not including gold IAP, on additional IAP for a $4.99 game. For $40.00, I'd rather play a good used or older console game.

      • Maelwolf

        Well, all the IAP is optional so you can always just buy what you want. But really, I have over 100 hours into WQ prior to the expansion. There have been very few console games I have gotten that much play from and they have all cost a whole lot more.

      • Scot Damn

        So it's all or nothing for you, eh? I managed to buy the new expansion and all 3 new characters which came out to $14. I'm loving every minute of it. Worth every cent. If I counted the game price itself thats just under $20. Can I buy a console game for that much? Yep. But this game is better than a lot of console games I've paid full price for. The best part is though, you can absolutely only pay $5 for the base game and have hours of fun since the main four characters are also some of the strongest. IAP optional with this one.

      • nini

        Many anti-IAP types only consider the upfront cost, anything that comes after the initial cost is seen as money grubbing whereas you front load those prices as a straight sale ticket, much less so. It's psychological by that point, not based on principle and if you gave them a $30 game and a $1.99 game with IAPs which make upto $20 to unlock the whole thing, they'd take the $30 game.

        That's based on assumption I know but seeing how people have spoken about them, it's more bad association and ties to the traditional system which give them the oogies when it comes to them, actual money grubbing apps not included.

      • Scot Damn

        Yeah it seems really short sighted to me. I don't like the IAP model in a lot of games, but I'm also able to see when I get my monies worth. I see WQ as the digital version of the board game. When there were expansions, you had to go buy them to enhance the experience. Same thing here. If WQ was a $.99 game with only a single dungeon and it forced you to buy the rest for $3.99 than I could see the issue I suppose. But not when the game is full at $4.99. I guess you're right tho, its all psychological.

      • Morgan01

        Initial Game -$4.99
        2 expansions @ 4.99 - $9.98
        6 additional unlock able characters @ 2.99 - $17.94
        5 legendary weapons at 0.99 - $4.95
        $37.86 total not including gold IAP
        Seems rather expensive when all put together. It's understandable to have additional content and for developers to make money, no argument there. It just seems that the additional character unlocks are expensive , then add legendary weapon costs in addition. Why not simply have additional character bundles or even legendary weapon bundles? It's getting frustrating as developers start piecemealing everything to try to bleed as much money from players as possible.

      • Maelwolf

        Except when they do bundle things together, then people complain that they are being made to buy things they don't want and demand various items be sold seperately. Unfortunately developers simply can't win without literally giving things away. Heck, even then there will be those that find something to complain about.

      • REkzkaRZ

        $38 for this fun repetitive game that is too large for my iOS device anyway.
        I'd offer a bunch of reasons why it's weak sauce, but obv it's making money for dev's. And then there are those occasional comments where people have spent $40 and are SO HAPPY.
        I guess if you just do the core game & 2 expansions, $15 ain't super over-priced.
        But the pricing scheme seems flawed.
        Better seems like --> $5 to buy, $2 expansions, and $1 for character packs.
        I think the issue is that the price/unit ratio is skewed wrong with Appstore (namely b/c Apple takes a massive cut).
        That's right -- I blame Apple. Done.

  • ste86uk

    I love this game but haven't played for a while but straight back in after this update. My main file is on 55 hours playtime but I think that's going to more than double now.

    IAP I don't feel is too bad as without charging for expansions with this game model they wouldn't keep making them as they do with freemium games as they can constantly bring in revenue.

    I imagine characters take a bit of work to design and out in thus their price but I do find it a bit steep myself for characters maybe at the £1.59 mark or whatever that is these days on the store.

    • Morgan01

      Isn't this based off a pre-existing board game with already developed playable characters? I wonder how much design was really required for each additional IAP character....artwork? Stat balancing? Forgive me if I'm over simplifying.

      • Maelwolf

        It is based on a pre-existing board game, but the board game was designed during Warhammer's early period. The characters in the video game are mostly all new and original, fitting in with the current Warhammer world.

  • ImJPaul

    This just seems like a reskin. Changing the orcs and trolls colors and then changing the background. I bought the first expansion because it brought enough new to the table. This one just seems kinda meh.

    • Maelwolf

      Couldn’t you argue that with any new creatures in pretty much any game? Generally expansions are new textures and art. Although really an actual reskin would mean that all the initial stats and abilities are the same which isn’t the case here.

  • Crimzzen

    Am I the only one who finds the game extremely repetitive? Enter room, marauder kills everything, wizard heals, enter next room repeat.

    • Buzzit

      I agree with you - game felt pointless - I didn't last an hour before I got bored - would much rather play a Baldur's Gate than this any day of the week.

      • Maelwolf

        Shows how subjective it all is though. I though Baldur's Gate was a pointless snore-fest and I love Warhammer Quest.

      • Buzzit

        Yes everyone is different (thankfully). I purchased WHQ as soon as it came out as it had such great press from many sources I find reliable for pointing me towards a great game, but it really failed to excite me. I assume you didn't play the old classic AD&D RPGs like Champions of Krynn then 🙂 That would make a great iOS port... Much like I would love to see a remake of Ultima Underworld 2.. Can only hope. Basically playing Ascension, Pocket Trains, Transport Tycoon, and Pocket Mine at the moment - had it with Pocket Trains though - got bored once open 3rd licence and have to micro micro manage - scale of game doesn't rise with the licences I think. Pocket Mine is great diversion

    • flashbackflip

      Kinda agree. Although we should take the genre into account - it's not a Baldur's Gate - it's a rouglike adventure - basically, never-ending tabletop

    • Pray For Death

      Sounds like you're playing it on easy, or still early in the game

    • Scot Damn

      You've mistaken this game as a hack and slash dungeon crawler. It is a strategy game first. Rolls control everything behind the scenes. It's up to you to play your best strategy against it. The game really shines on hardcore mode. Anything less is just holding your hand. It isn't for everybody for sure.

    • Maelwolf

      Pretty much every game is repetitive if you don't enjoy a certain style of game play. How many games couldn't be described as such? Every FPS, RTS, and RPG I've ever played essentially boils down to certain action you continuously do.

    • Ploulack

      Same here. Extremely repetitive to me. Tile turn based should offer so much more tactical options. After hours of :

      Put warriors in front Mage and archer behind
      Open door, fight
      Level up, monsters level up

      Its a let down...

  • joseph arthur

    what about the other lands south of Nuln.. like the village/town of Flourin -- how do i get there?