Everyone seems to be extremely excited at the prospect of controlling their iOS games with actual physical controllers ever since official MFi Controller support was announced at the WWDC keynote this year as a feature of the new iOS 7. Well, iOS 7 has since launched and it seems that any official talk of controllers from both game developers and accessory manufacturers has been hard to come by. The general sentiment is that everyone is remaining hush hush until Apple gives the go ahead, possibly at an upcoming event announcing a new iPad in the coming weeks.

Well, MacRumors has come across an allegedly leaked photo via Twitter account @evleaks which shows what Logitech's controller solution might look like. Check it out.


This would align nicely with Logitech's recent teasing about an iPhone controller, and it looks like it would be a decent piece of hardware in the way it completely envelops the iPhone and offers button and d-pad functionality off to the side. Of course, fully standalone controllers are also expected but thus far we haven't heard much about that. Again, expect much more about MFi Controllers once Apple finally gives the green light, and keep an eye out for any more possible leaks like this one which we will bring to you should they happen.


  • cobbyco

    Imagine holding that in portrait…

    • Cheuk Seto

      imagine a phone call coming in during a game

  • shadax

    I like it. How does controller support work in games? Is there a way to map this for legacy games that may not support it?

  • FIFTHSUN2012

    No thumb sticks? Really?In this day and age?

    • toxiccheese

      Yep, without thumb sticks I am really not very interested. I really like the look of GameCase controller by ClamCase.

      • Rejera

        Yup same here. If it doesn't have dual control sticks, I'm not buying.

      • flashbackflip

        Agree - this is ridiculous

    • iLLcAtTiViSsiMo

      agree with this

    • prime31

      Manufacturers can choose from two configurations:

      Basic: (like this one) d-pad, 2 shoulder buttons and 4 regular buttons
      Extended: all the same as Basic plus two analogue sticks and two analog shoulder triggers

      • Salsander

        Hopefully Logitech is making two controllers, One basic and the other extended. Otherwise I'm not buying.

    • Tazoui

      I agree! Most games uses a virtual thumb stick. Playing those games with a D pad would be a pain in the a**.

    • Mauiwoweee

      Keep it up and they might make it :). Now Everyone!!!! THUMB STICK! THUMB STICK! THUMB STICK! THUMB STICK! THUMB STICK! THUMB STICK! THUMB STICK!

  • PresidentZer0

    Analogs missing

  • lr1919

    I'd rather see one that isn't so constrained to the current size of the iphone. I'm pretty sure when the iphone 6 comes out these will all be obsolete because of a size change.

  • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    Imo this looks brilliant. I dont mind the touch screen games but your thumbs just takes up so much screen real estate. Dont really care that it doesnt have analog sticks, they are over rated anyway.

    • PresidentZer0


      • iammane

        Bahaha. Steering wheel in car is overrated

      • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

        They are actually trying to create something for the gaming community, and all you can do is bitch about it? Shame bro. Whether it works or not Im just grateful.

      • Maniacfive

        We shouldn't automatically be grateful. That's utter nonsense.

      • flashbackflip

        What are you grateful for?! Useless junk-case they will charge you for 50$?? U mad, bro?!

    • Holcman

      The old, good Nintendo DS's that I had so many memories with didn't have analog sticks. Seeing as this is also a handheld device, it would bring back many memories!

      • flashbackflip

        Memories are good.... By the way... Are you aware we are living in XXI century already?

      • ftaok

        XXI century???? Do you realize that we beat the Romans in WW1 so that we didn't have to learn Roman Numerals?

  • tinkie277

    They won't change the size of the iPhone in my opinion. It's the perfect size. I like that controller too. I think analogue sticks are probably needed as the game which are most difficult on touch screen are the FPS.

    We will have to wait and see.....

    • tinkie277

      Unless bizarrely the back is touch sensitive.

      • Phantom Bruiser

        That might actually work, or rather, that might be a feature. Would that drive up the unit cost a large amount, I wonder?

      • tinkie277

        Potentially... I am hoping not to pay more than £50.

  • MostOne

    No analog... garbage :/
    Still just a leak though.

  • Gamer1st

    I want to see the iPad version.

    • smileyboy

      Lol. That would be unusable.

      • jayfisch

        Yeah I agree. The iPad's screen is big enough that I think it would work way better to have a stand-alone controller plug into it

  • manaman

    It's better than I anticipated. Still, I think I'd prefer the standalone controller myself. To me, that's the most exciting news as it brings iOS gaming to the big screen.

    • darksidedanger

      If there is anything that can be learned from the psp here is that trying to work around NOT having 2 analog sticks is futile. Yes it's done but never that good. If apple does it it won't be different touch screen or not. I loved my psp too.

  • Taclys

    I'd like to see an Xbox-like external controller adapted for it. But this still looks sweet. Potentially awkward to carry in your pocket though.

  • B3nlok


  • http://www.googlepants.com/ Wizard of Odyssey

    It looks like an Atari Lynx.

    Speaking of Atari, have we learned nothing about the silliness of making controllers that only fit a certain size device (like the one-game, 30-pin Atari joystick)?

    The MOGA stuff for Android looks preferable to this, and they're pretty nasty looking.

  • wharfrat1979

    I keep my phone in an otter box. These attached controllers just wnont do for me. Pulse I also have an iPad so I want something I can use with that

    • PresidentZer0

      Dude, just wait...

  • Ph0lly

    I'd rather have something not attached to the device so I can use the same controller for my iPhone and iPad. It would also help future-proof the device in case of form factor changes with new versions of iDevices.

    • Mike

      I agree, this setup really doesn't make much sense to me.

    • subshell001

      and Mac - OS X 10.9 has support for these controllers as well.

  • subshell001

    looks just fine for SNES emulators, or perhaps Spelunky if that ever game over. One can dream.

    • flashbackflip

      Looks fine *ONLY* for SNES emulators..

  • Alex Wolf

    No analogs but a free space to make photos ?!

  • {SQUEEK}

    Nope not going to get it

  • Zaraf

    That D pad reminds me of the Master System controller.

    • tinkie277

      The master system D pad was squared.

  • IAmTheNightRider

    I'm perfectly happy with just the d-pad and buttons. I much prefer using a classic nes/snes/gameboy configuration to play sidescrollers, platformers etc. on a phone sized platform.

    If I want dual-analog FPS action i'll just use a console, or one of the standalone MFI controllers with my device plugged into a display.

  • funny_man_vanya

    I would Imagine that the finished product would probably either have interchangeable dpad to thumb sticks or just a thumb stick. Otherwise it could get clunky.

  • ImJPaul

    Have to agree with everyone. No dual analogs. No buy.

  • Atomos

    I hope this thing has a battery of its own, so that I'm not completely destroying my battery over a long term session.

  • Earth Vs. Me

    I'm extremely skeptical about iPhone controllers. This one in particular looks kind of silly, and I think controllers in general sort of defeat the point of iOS gaming. If you're gonna buy one of these things for your iPhone, I mean you might as well just get a 3DS or Vita.

    iOS gaming interests me because it's a unique experience, and because I
    think touch screens are really neat. I don't know why I'd plug my phone
    into a controller accessory to create a traditional gaming experience,
    when there are dedicated gaming handhelds out there that do just that
    without compromise.

    It reminds me of people you see in coffee shops with stands, keyboards, and mouses for their iPads. I mean, really people? At this point, why not just use a laptop?

    • iammane

      For the simple fact that not everyone wants to carry around an iPhone AND another device...

    • JosephWelke

      Because there are such things as Samurai Shodown and Soul Calibur available on iOS, and they don't do too well with just a touchscreen control scheme? And I'm one of those people you see with a bluetooth keyboard case for my iPad mini, because with that it can pretty much replace my laptop in a lighter, smaller, longer battery-lifed form factor.

      • Earth Vs. Me

        Never thought of it that way, but I can see how an iPad set-up like that might be more practical than a laptop in some cases.

  • GamerGuy

    I imagine a limited library of supported games, probably not even worth playing. Just like my iCade...was a cool idea at the time...

    Yeah, I'll keep an eye out for more possible leaks....sigh.

    • poorwealthyman

      The thing about iCade is that it's pure novelty. Nothing more.
      It's not meant to be portable, which is why so few games support it

      However, something like this, designed for the iPhone, and designed to be portable, is much more likely to gain momentum in getting developers to support it. Not to mention that ios7 has made it easier to support controllers, with very little extra effort needed to support.

      • bilboad

        The bigger reason the iCade or similar third party controllers never caught on is because they didn't use an officially supported and standardized communication protocol, so there was no single controller API that game developers could implement to support controllers. Developers were forced to choose between various controllers to support, none of which had much chance of becoming popular. Now that Apple has standardized the API, game developers don't have to pick a particular controller brand to support. They can just add generic controller support, and their game will work with all standard-compliant controllers. So it will be much more enticing for game developers.

  • Grenplen

    they should call it "iShit"

  • darksidedanger

    Unless it has analog sticks it's a blunder

  • Jesper Eriksson

    Now the only thing i want is a box that converts PS3, XBOX and Wii controllers to the IOS controller language.

    as IOS controller most likely runs of Bluetooth and not lightning port or whatever (both works for the concept).

    i think that would be the ultimate controller setup. one could probably even make the controller converter box so small one could just stick it to the controller itself.

    it would also be possible to map the keys yourself in the converter, easily via an app in IOS.

    but one could dream, or one could start studying hardware and software...

  • handhoney

    iControlpad and Blutrol has fulfilled just about every need I could have with iOS gaming EXCEPT built in support.

    It even holds wacky cases which is a major sales point to me.

    Apple would do well to take a look at what the jailbreak community has done for connectivity.

  • HardyRawls

    This would be great for emulators, though!

  • izhan97

    Pfffff.....iFrogz caliber looks better and comes with an analog stick....Logitech please try harder!

  • izhan97

    Pfffff....iFrogz caliber looks better and comes with an analog stick!Logitech,please try harder..

  • thisisraf

    his looks a lot like the icade mobile, at least that had a rotating holder so you could play in portrate or landscape

  • derkoi

    Guys, ios7 supports 2 types of controllers, standard seen here and extended with shoulder triggers and 2 analogue sticks. All external controllers are extended types, so only form fitting controllers can be standard. Hopefully Logitech and other manufacturers will release extended controllers too..

  • PresidentZer0

    Now they need to update the lighting hdmi. Because it has a delay when playing on a TV.....

    • iammane

      I don't think it's as simple as an update 🙁 I don't exactly remember where I saw but if you google lightning hdmi latency or something similar there is a site that did a teardown on the cable. It appears that the cable itself has a SoC inside that is doing video decoding of some sort. 30pin connector was just a straight through image copy... Their explanation is much, much more technical and in depth but that was my take away 🙁 this makes me a little worried about playing games on the big screen

  • Kane

    Logitech, Go home you're drunk!

  • {SQUEEK}

    Even the first psp had one thumb stick. This is no better then a Sega Game Gear

  • Rejera

    This is definitely not the controller Logitech teased. How could you play terraria with that?

  • xStatiCa

    No dual analog controls? This is 2013... not 1990

  • pkmaximum

    This device is obnoxiously wide. I hope this is a stunt by Logitech where they will reveal the "real" product which will be compact and revolutionary. It would also be nice to at least see analog sliders like the 3ds has.

    The ideal gaming case will function as a phone case and a game controller at the same time. It should have native support for the dock connector so Bluetooth does not need to be enabled. Smart phone gamers typically go in and out of games sporadically for short bursts of time, the controls need to work instantaneously without all the paring and setup.

  • anabolicMike

    No Bluetooth implant that reads brain waves? Hmmm if Steve jobs was around we'd have that.

  • Busta

    My furry paws are too big to use this