Logitech Begins Teasing Their Own iOS Game Controller

With iOS 7 officially out in the wild complete with support for MFi game controllers, it’s not surprising that accessory companies are gearing up to unveil their own controller solutions for our mobile devices. Earlier today ClamCase unveiled their GameCase controller, which looks sort of like someone snapped an Xbox 360 controller in half over their knee and wedged an iPad mini in-between the two halves. Now Logitech is starting to hint over on Facebook that they’re iOS controller is on the horizon, releasing this cheeky teaser image.


Now, you might remember back at WWDC and E3 this past June when official MFi Controller support was originally announced that Kotaku snapped a covert shot of what was apparently a prototype controller from none other than… yep, Logitech. Could that blurry image of the prototype be basically what we’ll be looking at when Logitech does officially pull the curtain back on their iOS controller? We’ll just have to wait and see, but if you want you can sign up with your email through this Facebook link to be “among the first to know" when they do unveil their controller at some point in the future.