It's no secret that we really dig Badland [$0.99], and since its release the game has only gotten better with updates. The most recent, in specific, adds Dusk levels with new gravity modification and time stopping puzzle elements thrown into the mix for good measure.

The new update has 30 new missions in all, along with five new achievements including a hidden achievement on one of the levels. Definitely check out Badland if you haven't, it was a great game when it launched and the developer has been supporting fans like crazy with additional content updates like this one.

  • Bloko

    I love how they keep updating the game with tons of new content from time to time. That's how you build a fanbase for your work! Most devs just release a few early updates and abandon their game forever.

    • Amenbrother

      Agreed, way to go dev!

    • sakara214ever

      Agreed too. That way you make your customers respect you and your work.

  • phonecats

    Lotta other devs woulda had this be BADLAND 3 by now.

    or selling the new levels as an IAP.

    I'm surprised.

  • mako9227

    Thank you devs!!!