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Crescent Moon Reveals ‘Almightree’, a “Zelda-inspired” 3D Puzzle Game

Crescent Moon has been cranking out new titles like clockwork for some time now, and they always seem to be able to capture my interest. Their latest upcoming title is called Almightree, a 3D “Zelda-inspired" puzzle game. You can see right away from the look and even the music that the Zelda series was indeed a heavy influencer, and I’m intrigued by the main character’s ability to manipulate the plants and trees in order to make his way through the puzzles.

Unfotunately, not much else is known about Almightree other than what you see above and a tentative release window which was revealed in our forums, which is simply “within the next 2 months." But we’ll definitely keep Almightree on our radar, and you can to if you add it to your TouchArcade (Free) Watch List which will give you a handy push alert when we post more news about this upcoming puzzler.