596406_largerWe have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to 2D crafting games on the App Store, especially with the recent releases of Junk Jack X and Terraria. But there's one 2D crafter that captured my heart (and ate away more hours than I'm comfortable sharing) before any of the others, and that game was Majic Jungle's The Blockheads [Free]. Its mechanics and controls were built beautifully from the ground up with touchscreen in mind, and its large, randomly-generated worlds created tons of opportunities to get lost in exploration and discovery. We loved the game in our review, and it's only gotten better since with numerous updates, including a massive update which added support for online multiplayer for up to 32 players.

This week, Majic Jungle has detailed what's coming next for The Blockheads, and it looks to be another massive leap forward for the game. Dubbing it the Trains and Technology update, it'll add the ability to create steam-powered trains as well as smaller hand-powered carts. The steam engines will be able to pull freight and passenger cars, and can move back and forth between destinations without direct user input. The hand carts, meanwhile, are a little more nimble and you can actually build jumps out of the train tracks and launch yourself into the air just for fun. It sounds like it will be a cool way to be productive and move stuff long distances or just to dork around with.


With the addition of trains, you're going to need lots of steel to build tracks. With that in mind, electricity has been added to the game along with electric workbenches, which should make crafting all that steel much faster and easier. A steam-powered generator and copper wiring will get you going with the basics, but building solar panels will allow you to harvest energy right from the sun, and flywheels will let you store all that energy for times when the sun isn't shining brightly, like nighttime or when it's overcast and rainy.

The multiplayer functionality is getting beefed up too. The Blockheads will launch on Android very soon, and will offer cross-platform multiplayer with the iOS version. You'll be able to harm other players in multiplayer now, which opens up some opportunities for PvP battling but also will likely lead to some griefing from no-good-nicks. There will be a new portal chest too, which will allow you to transfer items between worlds, opening up possibilities for an online trade system.

tech handcar

One other big new addition in this update is the option to purchase an HD textures pack for $2.99. Majic Jungle has redrawn all of the textures in the game at 4x their original size, ensuring they will be razor sharp on Retina devices but should look a lot cleaner on non-Retina ones too. I thought The Blockheads looked pretty darn good anyway, but I'm anxious to check out the HD textures pack to see how much better it will be.

There is tons more coming in the Trains and Technology update, like additional block types, new workbenches, new armor and dozens of tweaks and fixes. You'll be able to check out all the nitty gritty in the update notes when this new update becomes available, which should hopefully be within the next week or two. Oh, and if you're big into the multiplayer side of The Blockheads, be sure to check out the server hosting service BlockServer.net, which contains tons of public servers that you can hop on to experience some of the online fun.

  • vicsark

    Oh my gosh O_o

  • dariusjr98

    Man, I still haven't played this OR Growtopia, and they're both in my purchase history.

    • Xissoric

      Growtopia's kinda lame IMO.

  • vicsark

    So Majic Dave adds trains to The BlockHeads just before the NimbleBros unleash Pocket Trains upon us 🙂
    This update looks terrific, can't wait!

  • PresidentZer0

    Just want some virtual gamepad controls

  • anabolicMike

    I didn't like this one. You could pay to speed things up and just the way that was handled made me just despise it. And I love crafting games. Maybe I should give it another try one day :/

    • Holcman

      I understand, I could never get into it. I'm not immersed into sandbox games where you tap and your character performs actions. I'm more into the Minecrafty first-person style, where I have a control of everything and feel like I'm in the game.

  • http://tarasis.net/ Robert McGovern

    What an awesome update, way more than I'd expect. Will pick up the HD texture pack as a tip for the continued updates.

  • Taclys

    I've probably played this game the most of any sandbox iOS game, except for maybe JJx. Probably not. I put a lot of time into Blockheads. This really looks exciting!

    • anabolicMike

      Hmmm I put a lot of time into jjX as well. I like it. Have a huge house and tons of kick ass stuff. I Was enjoying exploring and collecting trophies to be honest. That changed one day, even though I have said jjX is the best since the beginning and beats that other 2d crafting game that came out the same day, I decided to try the other side. I booted up terraria. I hated terraria. Junk jack x was much more fun. So I played it more and more. It all changed that or rainy day though, I was taking a poop and decided to try terraria just one last time. That time change my life. Terraria mangled jjX. I'm sorry, it just soaked up all my time and energy ever since that day. It's astounding, indepth and just damn fun. I can't wait for multiplayer and hardmode. Well basically hardmode. God, Terraria is amazing. I'm going to go play it right now! Sorry jjX, maybe ill turn you on next year!

  • kenny23

    😮 wow that is cool

  • mw1

    Every time magicDave updates The Blockheads, 100 kittens and puppies are adopted by loving families. Also, the game suddenly becomes 10x more interesting. For a f2p game, it is a sin to not try it out.

    On another note, I guess this means I wouldn't need all those donkey stations any more.

  • clayton4562345

    Great changes we can see in here and i hope our trains service will be so more developed in here. To know the world as well as we can research about this technology in here.