If you like 3D action games with snazzy visuals, prepare to hang on to your butt. I just came across the trailer for Implosion, an upcoming mobile game from Rayark Games (makers of the excellent rhythm game Cytus [$1.99] on iOS) that was just announced at Tokyo Game Show last week, and it's definitely hitting all the right notes for me. Crazy, futuristic setting? Check. Mech-like characters with bad ass weaponry? Check. Gigantic, scary-looking enemies? Check. Implosion has a lot going for it. Have a look at the trailer for yourself.

Implosion looks like it could be the Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden type action game I've been craving on iOS, and I'm eager to learn more. For one, I'd like to know how the game controls, as that's super important in these fast action type of games. Unfortunately, it looks like we'll be waiting until sometime in 2014 to get our hands on Implosion, but we'll be keeping close tabs on it until then and in the meantime check out our forums and toss it on your TouchArcade [Free] Watch List to keep in the loop.

  • Based Xatu

    Surprise! It's going to suck.

    • SumoSplash

      What the hell are you talking about? This looks amazing.

      • Based Xatu

        Ios games never have the controls they promise, it will most likely play like dynasty warriors and have a poor story.

      • themostunclean

        You mean be exactly like Dynasty Warriors then?

      • ihd1234567890

        Have you seen the other videos?

    • JetLinerSaw

      Negative nancy over here.

  • Ollivar Frank

    Warframe for ios?

    • iammane

      Haaaa nice, good comparison after seeing this. The best part is right before I sold my PC I was like "Ah man this Warframe game looks kinda cool" but I never really had a chance to check it out. Looks like this will scratch that itch!!

  • lordyokomoto

    Straight too watch list ;))) just hope it's not freemuim lol

  • blackout845

    Now this is what im talking about, games keep getting better and better on ios, and with gamecase coming out aswell its going to be an amazing yr

  • Lazyninja7

    Reminded me of metroid a little, with more action.

  • Echoen

    And this goes to my watch list.

  • Shawn Arthur

    This looks amazing and with physical controls coming soon, IOS games are on the move for 2013/14

    • Rivalsan

      Now this is what I'm talking about!

  • Shawn Arthur

    Zone of Enders/Devil May Cry 🙂

    • raul3d

      When I saw the first image of this game it just came to my mind Zone of Enders the PS2 game... The main character looks "quite" similar and it has a sword as well ...hummm... does it fly?...anyway, it looks quite good.

  • ridiculocity

    Wow… Looks amazing! By the the time it's released we will all have physical controller's 🙂

  • klouud

    This looks ridiculous!!!

  • gadgetfreaksta

    wow looks sweet! But it begs for a game controller.

  • defunct32

    Game controller + this game and I hope to have a blast! Added to watch list!

  • Boris Nguetie

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!

  • luffy246


  • funny_man_vanya

    In the trailer it showed the game being played without a controller, wonder how that will work out...