agitologoIt was just last week that we learned of the existence of Final Fantasy Agito, a mobile-exclusive RPG from Square Enix that's a spinoff of sorts to the 2011 PSP title Final Fantasy Type-0. The following day Squeenix released a video showing Final Fantasy Agito in action, which made me roughly ten thousand times more excited for the game. There was just one problem: like Type-0, Agito is set to be a Japanese exclusive title, with no plans as of right now to bring the game into additional territories. Dang it.

However, a recent interview with Final Fantasy Agito's director Hajime Tabata by UsGamer (via Polygon) has given just a glimmer of hope that we'll see the game reach our US shores. Tabata confirms that Final Fantasy Agito "will definitely be localized" but a Square Enix representative overseeing the interview quickly points out that a localization of the title does not mean that the game will be released outside of Japan. It simply means it's being localized in other languages.

If you're a big Final Fantasy fan who was miffed that Type-0 never released outside of Japan, you might want to skip this next bit. Tabata also reveals that Type-0 was largely localized into English and other European languages prior to its release, but never made it to additional territories. Apparently it was due to the life of the PSP winding down outside of Japan at the point of Type-0's release in 2011, and Square Enix wanting to kind of wait and see how the reception to the Vita would be. Well, while Vita seems to be rebounding now, its initial reception was tepid to say the least, so Square Enix decided against releasing Type-0 outside of Japan at that time.

The bright side to all this is that Final Fantasy Agito seems to be creating quite a buzz worldwide, and with iOS and Android being such widespread platforms across the globe it would make the decision for Square Enix to release Agito outside of Japan much easier. Tabata also hints that Type-0 may receive its final localization that began in 2011, and could appear on PlayStation Network outside of Japan as well. As director of both titles, he sees them as complements to each other, and best appreciated when players are able to experience both.

Let's cross all our fingers and toes that we see both Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy Agito release in the US at some point in the future. Also, definitely check out the full interview with Hajime Tabata as it gives some incredibly interesting insight to his feelings on mobile gaming.

[USGamer via Polygon]

  • whitestatic

    Great news but I'll remain cautious as the F2P details are worked out.

    • baudoinjulian

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      Please make it reach to the App Store and that it will play smoothly on iPod touch 4g, because that games looks so awesome like really awesome!!

  • alex98909

    Well, this looks great but question is, will it run on ipod4g? I'm mot getting ipod5g before xmas...

    • Marvin

      The localization process and deciding if and when to release it to the United States should take much longer than Christmas.

  • BillyOceansBlues

    woa love that art style

  • igames

    Please make it reach to the App Store and that it will play smoothly on iPod touch 4g, because that games looks so awesome like really awesome!!

  • igames

    Is the game going to be in English? And is not going to be paid isn't it?

    • Eidaven

      Did you even read the article?

      • 7lilwhitewolf7

        We hav just walked into the Twilight Zone

      • igames

        Now I did and I got my answer

    • darkcheetah

      It's free to try but to unlock the full game is a $75.00 iap.

  • tzuptzop

    i like the voices to be ja.
    hope will hit the europe store soon