743207_largerI've joked before about how sometimes my job is made easy when it comes time to pick our Game of the Week, as some weeks there's just an obviously clear winner. Karma must be coming back to bite me, because this time around picking the Game of the Week is very difficult. Despite the potential of Apple's iPhone announcement taking away all the spotlight, a huge number of games were released this week, all quite different from one another, with several that really stood out.

In case you're curious, it boiled down to four titles. Dead Effect [Free] is a new first-person shooter with a creepy atmosphere and an emphasis on exploration. It gives me a heavy old-school Doom vibe, which I love, and despite having no multiplayer component it's an extremely satisfying experience. Then there's the clever and beautifully designed puzzle game Strata [$2.99], which is tricky and satisfying in all the right ways. Or we were leaning towards Joust Legend [$2.99], which comes with simple mechanics but is incredibly fun for some reason. It's also quite visually impressive and lets you name your horse Jared, which automatically gives it high marks. You see why this decision was so hard?

However, there's one title this week that I find myself continually coming back to, and even when I'm not playing it, I'm thinking about playing it. That title is OrangePixel's Heroes of Loot [$3.99]. It draws inspiration from Roguelikes with randomized levels and permadeath, but is in actuality closer to an action-packed dungeon crawler like the classic Gauntlet.

I'm not going to lie, it doesn't get much simpler than playing Heroes of Loot. The game makes use of auto-aiming, so all you're really doing is running around each dungeon using the virtual control stick and planting your finger firmly down on the fire button when you want to attack. Just because it's simple doesn't mean it isn't fun though, and I mean loads of fun. There are tons of awesome enemies to encounter, a bunch of different magical spells to use, secret rooms to discover, random quests to complete... all the typical dungeon crawler-y type of stuff but packed into a super mobile-friendly, super fast-paced package.

Heroes of Loot is one of those perfect games that you can whip out at a moment's notice and know you'll have a blast, or sit back with and really get sucked into while hours just seemingly slip by without you even noticing. It's hard to put your finger on exactly why games like Heroes of Loot are so enjoyable, but I'm just glad that they are, and people in the forums seem to be loving it as well. It's overly simple, light on strategy, and isn't going to set the world on fire, but Heroes of Loot had the magical ability to steal the most of my free time since its release, and for that it earns our Game of the Week nod.

  • shadax

    Fun game. Way way too easy. Also, definitely needs some controls polish. I felt that very often I would randomly start running in a random direction while fighting off a horde of monsters.

    In any event, I reached a point in a single sitting where I was practically invincible and just mowing down dungeon after dungeon.

    • shadax

      I want to give this game a little more credit for a second. It is really well designed in its graphics, design and execution. Seriously, roguelikes are fun as hell and this is totally worth the buck or two to play it.

      I re read my review and felt it was a bit harsh. I 100% do not regret my purchase if that helps anyone decide. It was just the controls kept throwing me off and it didn't have as much depth as I had hoped :

  • Xissoric

    I respect your guys' opinion on this, but I really think Strata should have beat this game out.

  • cofunguy

    I have to agree with shadax on this one. The controls definitely need some work. So if this game won, I sure hope it was due to other aspects nice the controls are very hard to control.

    • cofunguy

      nice -> since. Darn autocorrect!!

  • The Gamer Dude

    I'm surprised you guys didn't consider Donut games Beach games in the mix. Well it's my GoTW anyways lol.

  • ramon31

    Beach Games was my game of the week.

    • tulsy

      Beach Games is amazing. I am shocked at how much time I have put into it.

    • Xissoric

      I bought beach games and didn't really like it. Guess it's not for everyone.

  • Falafelcopter

    It's a button?! No wonder my guy stopped shooting all the time! I thought it was a stick, robotron style.

  • XvEsunavX

    Too drink.
    Wallotext is super effective !
    Esuna uses 8 hours of sleep.
    It's super effective!

    • XvEsunavX

      That hard mode Titan is messing me up.

  • pzol

    Don't like it. You just run around aNd fire as hell... Quest rewards are not worth the hassle. Shops? Whats the point?

    Cheap gaunlet clone...

  • BillyOceansBlues

    "whats the point?"
    a question that i asked myself constantly while playing this.

    • Xissoric

      A question I ask myself while playing many roguelikes, other than a select few.

      • BillyOceansBlues

        but then, really... whats the point of all video games? maybe this lackluster game is a statement about the pointlessness of all of them. maybe for that reason this game, this middle of the road mindless little pile of code, is the ultimate video game. of all time. the paragon that collapses the entire system.

  • bobcorrigan

    Is there a better Gauntlet clone for iOS? I've not found it - and I loooove Gauntlet.

    • Captain Cabnasty

      Not sure if you're talking about the original Gauntlet or one of the predecessors, but I really like Pocket RPG and it gives me a similar vibe as some of the later ones, but doesn't really have a lot of depth. More of a hack and slash, find good loot game.

  • themostunclean

    Anyone else think the noise you make when you're damaged sounds exactly like the blacksmith from that video game episode of "Community"?

  • bluspacecow

    It has saved games. You can quit the game on the middle of a level and it'll save your progress but put you at the start of a level when you start it back up again.

    This means if your having an awesome run you can put the game down and come back to it later.


  • Adams Immersive

    Does this have iCade support, like many other OrangePixel games?