The Disney aisle in the App Store is absolutely loaded with Where's My games, ranging from the O.G. Swampy looking for water, to Perry, to Mickey Mouse himself. Well, Where's My Water? 2 [Free] is a competent sequel as far as we can tell, and while the energy system and free to play elements initially seem fairly off-putting, we play for close to a half hour actively trying to hit the paywall without success.

Check it out:

I say definitely give this game a look. The Where's My games are always fun, the free to play elements aren't obnoxious, and it seems like if you don't mind linking up your Facebook the game is pretty A-OK when it comes to just being a fun puzzler.

  • serjical

    I'm fine with the original.

  • jeffyg3

    Yeah no thanks on the IAP system. I'll just stick with the previous games

    • Nick

      Yeah, I was shocked when I heard how the timers were implemented. Makes RR seem beyond generous.

  • shaver

    The emphasis on Facebook is a little unusual, given how young the audience skews, but maybe their demographics aren't what I thought.

    (I say this as a FB employee, no less.)

  • Nick

    Weird, every other review on this has slammed it for utilizing the worst possible F2P mechanics since, well, EA.

    There are massive timers that cost a dollar to refill and recharge very slowly, you can't play a ton of time without having to wait. Plus, a $17 IAP to purchase an extension to your "time bar"... WTF?

    I'm not a crazy fan of this series, the puzzle elements just don't work with my brain, but I will happily keep what I have when I want to play from time to time, I just don't get why they made this change that benefits NO ONE.

  • kirby83

    we play games on our phones to kill time. and now we gotta wait for meters to refill so we can play the games that we're playing to kill time in the first place.

    im i the only one thinking this is insane?

    • Locanis

      Unfortunately a lot of players either get into a game enough to shill out cash (Candy Crush recently reporting $663million profit if I recall correctly?) that this sort of monetization isn't going away anytime soon.

      Others are "twitch" gamers who cycle from app to app when timers wait, like one of my managers at my work, and aren't bothered by it.

      I myself dislike this practice and won't be downloading said game (or Real Racing 3, most everything EA, etc), but since we are a apparently a minority, won't really impact said trends. Not enough people who dislike it actually take a stand against it in any way that would impact the industry to rethink their mobile ways. In the end people either justify it, rotate games, or otherwise excuse the practices that make them human cash machines. There are some games fairly wholesome or optional on their IAPs, and I'm fine with those.

      This isn't one of those games. Timers and pay walls are the red line I refuse to ever justify as anything other than a cash grab.

  • Peter Bohanna

    from reading abt this game in the forums.. i hear that you cant pass level 30 without either bothering fb friends for help/paying real money to progress..if this is true then i am deleting it

    • nejakdivne

      It's silly. The "project manager" swine who thought up this scheme will push their fair share of rocks uphill in hell for this. Just plain greedy, as if $1 a download wouldn't net them very nice pile of money anyway..

  • Justsomebodyelse

    What are you, in Disney's pocket? You played for half an hour without hitting a paywall? Try playing another half hour. YOU CAN'T unless you sit out 25 minutes or pay about $10. This is the worst abuse of the freemium model I've ever seen. Anyone who recommends this game (or gives it more than 2 stars) is either in bed with Disney or hasn't really played the game very long. It's a scam, don't support this kind of insidious greed.