850100_largerMicrosoft's Kinect accessory brought about all sorts of gimmicky motion games, with the only ones that were really worth playing being Let's Dance and Dance Central. They worked well because they abstracted the weird real-time movement used in other games to just having you vaguely flailing your appendages in time with the dancing model on screen. It was a major innovation compared to what most (all?) other Kinect games were doing, and playing it was actually a lot of fun regardless of how bad you were.

Sega's recently released Go Dance [Free] hopes to capture some of that magic. Instead of relying on a Kinect, it uses some high-level image analysis techniques to parse the video feed from your front-facing camera on your device to track your movement to score you on your dancing. In my experience, it works surprisingly well, although at this time it's only tracking the top half of your body unlike Let's Dance's full-body scanning.

But, hey, we're talking a two dollar app you can set up at a bar and just go crazy, which seems worth cutting some slack for. At launch, it comes with two songs to dance to: LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem and Nicki Minaj's Super Bass. Flo Rida's Wild Ones and Avicii's Levels are available as IAP.

  • marc0313

    2 Songs? On a dance game? And you buy, OHMYGOD, 2 more? So total of 4 songs? Hope they add more. MUCH more.

  • Taclys

    While 2 songs isn't many, those are some very popular songs, and the licensing isn't cheap. For $2 it makes sense. I have no big urge to buy this, though. Cool technology

  • Marcin Zawadzki

    PLEASE make a TA Plays for this one 😀

    • Rivalsan

      Pretty please?

      • Omi Khan

        Pretty pretty please!!!! With a cherry on top!!!!

  • Earth Vs. Me

    What's up with this generic looking knock off, Sega? Space Channel 5 has a cult following, so why not bring that back with modern songs?

  • JJE McManus

    Wait! Sega hasn't blocked the entire TA site for daring to show footage from their game?
    Something is wrong here. Eli are you secretly in the bag for sega?

  • xx99

    Dance Central and its sequels are all awesome Kinect games. Harmonix knows what they are doing and a ton of work goes into ensuring those games feel good to play.

  • Xissoric

    Looks fun but two songs, really? At the very least have another pack of songs available as iap.

  • dekon

    Doesn't even appear in the Belgium app store :/

  • joaquin_ondamoon

    It would be cool if you could just use the music you have stored on your phone.