Yesterday's keynote came with the somewhat obvious news that the iPhone 5s was way faster than the iPhone 5. The number Apple threw out was that it had the graphical performance that exceeds the original iPhone by "up to 56x" which, admittedly, is fairly hard to visualize. Thankfully, it'd seem that someone during one of the hands on sessions yesterday installed GFXBench [Free] and ran the Egypt HD 2.5 tests. Again, it's not much of a surprise, but the iPhone 5S is getting just under double the framerate of the iPhone 5 in offscreen tests. While the onscreen results aren't as impressive, it still shows a nice boost.


Now, these results come with the massive caveat that GFXBench in its current implementation doesn't even know what the iPhone 5s is, as it is neither optimized for the A7 architecture nor does it take advantage of the iPhone 5s OpenGL ES 3.0 support. Regardless, it seems safe to assume that these results seem like a good starting point for what we should expect for the differences in performance in existing iOS games that aren't updated or optimized for the new device.

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        This just makes me look even more forward to the ipad5 heh. I'm running around on a 3 atm and the next ipad will be 'at least' as powerful as the 5s, if not more so


    imagine all the high def games that can play at 60 fps

    • 61050

      i was just thinking how awesome oceanhorn is going to look.

  • sakara214ever

    Nah. I'll just stick to my iPhone 5 and wait for iPhone 6.

    • wafflestirrup

      This is my strategy. All my friends got the 4S when it came out and when the 5 arrived, I upgraded and left them in the dust. I'm just happy to have iOS 7.

      • VirtualBoyFreak

        I have the iPhone 4s. I'll wait for iPhone 6 to arrive to get the 5s. Still a year of iPhone 4s to pay...

      • mr_bez

        All my friends got the iPhone 5 when it came out. I kept my 4S and when the iPhone 5S comes out, I'm going to upgrade and leave them and you in the dust.

        (Well, maybe. I'll wait and see it in action first. I'll upgrade if I think it's worth it, not just to be smug and lord it over my friends).)

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        I don't have any friends.

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        Because being one ahead of your friends is what matters, really.

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        This is why Apple sells iphones like crazy everyone wants to be one a head.

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        Or you could use your wife's upgrade, if she lets you lol.

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        So you just alternate leaving each other in the dust basically.

      • Thunder13

        Essentially. Unless she really doesn't mind.

  • Aventador

    What are the advantages of 64-bit cpu ?
    I have 64 bit CPU in PC and it doesn't look like most , if any of software utilizes it.
    Will Apple force all developers to update their apps to 64-bit ?

    Kinda interested how X-com runs on 5S,in couple of last levels/ missions framerate drops often even on latest iOS devices.

    • iPadCary

      Good question.

    • con4224

      64 bit environments can be implemented in ways such that 32bit software runs unmodified. since apple is not stupid and they have quite some experience in moving to 64bit from desktop, i'd assume that 32bit apps will just run fine.

      reg advantages: only 64 bit software can benefit. it's possible to address more than 4GB of memory, which probably isn't that relevant on the iphone. the processor directly supports 64bit for numbers which means e.g. more precision for floating point numbers, and speed advantages for software that require large numbers (e.g. cryptography). Additionally many internal machine code operations can be better optimized, meaning speed optimizations for 64 bit applications.

      • fredfnord

        > reg advantages: only 64 bit software can benefit

        That's not true. Assuming it does register renaming, which it probably does, then everything will benefit.

  • Cevan7

    Is the 5C suppose to be as fast a the 5S (if not, is it supposed to be a bit faster than the 5?)?

    • Bloodangel

      Nah.. 5c is almost identical to 5.. Just that only available in 16 and 32gb

      • shadax

        And in neon and pastel colors for whatever the hell reason.

      • Mad.Whack

        And a bigger battery, better FaceTime camera...

  • RickyBrooke

    Yup Im skipping this and going to upgrade next year when the iPhone 6 is released. The 5S does look beautiful and the new fingerprint ID looks amazing. I really want to see the new A7 chip in action bet it runs like a dream. My iPhone 5 should last me another year, especially with the new iOS7 upgrade next week it should be like having a new iPhone! years iPhone 6 should be a major redesign so will be worth the £700 outlay. Besides I need to upgrade my console to the Playstation 4 first!...

    • shadax

      Another year? I know people who still use the first gen one.

      As far as support goes, I think even the 3GS is still up to speed, except that certain games and apps will only work with at least a 4 I believe.

    • con4224

      actually the 5s *is* a major redesign - of the internals. but i'd also not buy a new iphone after a year 😉

  • ODMay

    Either that phone has a powerful battery or you'll just have to keep it on the charger when playing games(3D games especially).

    • iPadCary

      Playing ANY 3D games on an iDevice drains the battery superquick.
      I hate when Apple lists the battlife in so many hours but doesn't
      take into account, you know, actually *using* it.
      Oh, well.
      I guess that's marketing speak for ya.

      • lepke

        Yeah I mean Samsung lg and Htc advertise different, right? Sure...

      • con4224

        or online games over 3g ... that tends to make it burning hot too

      • iPadCary

        I'd say under those conditions, I get 20 minutes
        playing time TOPS.
        No lie.

  • DR3AM

    I think I'll get the 5s

  • renatpl

    MFI controllers please thank you!

  • abodi

    What's the battery like on the 5s compared to the 5. Because the i5 battery life is woeful

    • Rivalsan

      Really? I'm quite pleased with the battery life of my iPhone 5. Does it compare with that of my iPad mini? No. But it isn't poor enough to make me complain at all.

  • somedumbgamer

    All I care about is getting an iPad with 128GB or more. When's the iPad 5 gonna hit?

    • araczynski

      Yeah, the 128 has been around for a whole, I'm waiting for the 256 🙂 yeah, probably another 2 or 3 years 🙁

  • Scot D

    Yep, I am officially giddy. I am counting the days to upgrade time.

  • mindseyes

    We need more SPACE!!! And a BIGGER screen ill take and iphone 6 with a 5 inch screen and 128gb or a SD SLOT!! Why cant we expand our space. i have soo soo many games and APPS I delete cause of space on 32GB iphone 5.

    • zerilos

      You can't run your apps off a SD card so that would't help. Just re-download games while you sleep.

  • B3nlok

    "Graphical beast"? Please. 2x is more like the typical performance jump you can expect when a new model comes out. Modest improvement at best, considering this is the "S" version and apple is moving to a completely new gpu architecture (Rogue, which is supposed to be 5x more efficient according to imgtec). "Graphical beast"? Hell no.

    More results from the same benchmark:
    Galaxy S4 - 68.3 Fps (Snapdragon 800 version)
    Xperia Z Ultra 60.7 Fps
    LG F320L Optimus G2 59.2 Fps
    59.2 Fps

    Looks like Apple definitely gave up the performance race (at least in smathphones). Now its all about competing against itself.

    • Scot D

      That's funny because I found different numbers that are similar to the above for the Galaxy s4. Hmmm.

    • Endscrypt

      Typical clueless Samsung plastic fanboy! But this spec says this and that spec says that! Dosent really matter if your running a poor OS like android, I prefer my OS to be streamlined for my actual product not 50 different poorly designed mobiles.

  • Taeles

    This just makes me look even more forward to the ipad5 heh. I'm running around on a 3 atm and the next ipad will be 'at least' as powerful as the 5s, if not more so

    • Derprozess

      I'll buy the iPad 5 too, for games.

    • Endscrypt

      Then the iPhone 6 will be more powerfull than that, then what ya gonna do?

  • tunaW

    Someone please explain what "offscreen" and "onscreen" mean.

  • TarePlays

    Decisions, Decisions. Don't know wether to upgrade my 4S to 5S or wait for 6. My contract isn't up yet and I have about another year so when the 6 did come I would be all set to just upgrade buuuut I don't want to wait another year using the 4S. It's pretty burnt out by now and usually the solid number iPhones are the "revolutionary" ones. Damn T-T

    • Lamar Taylor

      The iPhone 4S doesn't have LTE or the lighting connector. Once you see how fast the iPhone is with will be more than happy that you upgraded.

  • 61050

    ill upgrade once its jailbroken, or will ios 7 have the ability to do mundane shit like changing the font or folders having a larger capacity than 12 apps? you know, basic stuff you could do on windows 95.

    • 61050

      edit: cause sometimes you just want everything to be in comic sans.

    • dancj

      Ios7 allows any number of apps on a folder.

  • lepke

    Well I will be buying the 5s no question for me even if ms owned cnet and others call it not innovative (as if Nokia is...) I can't wait and currently latest nvidia is 2 years out on a7 and directx will always be shite anyway. I will not get the champagne though (gold.)

  • REkzkaRZ

    @B3nlok:disqus do you have more specs on the iPhone 6? How do you know these rumors are true?
    Nothing wrong w/upgr if you are a bit behind (say 3S or 4) to a 5S. I've got the 4 & have used a 5 & it's a lot faster.
    Saw a review saying that 5 & Galaxy S4 were pretty comparable. That review gave the overall win to the Galaxy S4 -- but then had a lot of points where it gave the win to iPhone, from Camera to Apps & so on.
    So basically to me it seems like they're all pretty darned good at this point.

    Main question -- when are the darned things going to give me LAND-LINE quality calls?!?!?!?! How hard is that? Jeeez!!!

  • Lamar Taylor

    The iPhone 5 was very underrated for speed and performance. My iPhone 5 was faster than my Galaxy Note 2 in every way. With the new A7 chip I expect to see the iPhone 5S perform neck and neck with any phone out.

  • Dick Hertz

    The 64-bit processor is a zillion times faster? Uh, yeah. Will this help me talk faster to make my phone calls shorter? No? Guess I don't need a faster processor then.

  • Rudy Aunk

    The Winner and still heavyweight champion in the world, iPhone.