• marc0313

    What happened to FIFA 14?

    • Karzay

      Maybe they weren't finished adding IAP?

      • marc0313

        Maybe they turned back and took out IAP..?

      • marc0313

        Lol jk. That's not what happened.

      • speedyph


  • Smokey956

    Dead trigger 😛

  • marc0313

    Wait a minute, chipotle made a game...?

  • Kj

    FIFA 14 is next week

    • marc0313


  • Bloko

    OMG PATAPON?!!! Is that legit?!

    • Bloko

      Damn, it's not legit at all. And once again, Apple prove us how good is their approval process.

      • darkcheetah

        I don't think Apple has an actual approval process. I think it works on more of a bribe system, than when everyone on TA and other sites call Apple out they remove the app. Only after they've received the bribe to put up the app in the first place of course.

      • ImJPaul

        That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

      • pavarotti2007

        I've read somewhere before that Apple have said that it is not up to them to enforce copyrights etc. they just check that the app is what it says it is etc.
        Copyright stuff is down to individuals to sort and nothing to do with Apple in regards to the apps.

      • Brown Cow

        If course it's legit. Did you not read the game description? "HD beautiful Chinese style, get rid of fatigue!" Yep. Seems legit to me. TAKE MY MONIEZE.

      • Jake7905

        I personally love this part of the description, "New music rhythm battle system, you say goodbye to boring game with!"

  • Bloodangel

    Nothing any good apart from dead effect

  • brando

    When will Shadowrun returns ever get released?

  • Taclys

    Aside from Dead Effect, nobody cares about any apps released till Infinity Blade 3.

    • blackout845

      Nobody cares about infinity blade 3 <-- swipe,swipe, dodge, dodge, swipe, swipe

      • Living Legend

        What a lie!

      • sbrevolution5

        Honestly I find it kinda boring....

  • fire282

    Oh boy a zombie game..... wow how original!

  • Bowflexman

    I think Heroes of Loot looks like a pretty good roguelike.

    • Xissoric


  • SoyGreen

    No Small World 2?

    • SoyGreen

      I ask because I have NO CLUE how to search the NZ app store!

  • sivad

    I agree Heroes of Loot looks great, and possibly joust legend.

  • PresidentZer0

    Dead effect is pretty awesome. Finally a horror shooter that actually has levels/story.

  • PresidentZer0

    Off topic, but is there an release date for dead trigger 2?

  • Jake7905

    Looks like I'll be saving my money for Infinity Blade 3 and the new WHQ expansion, no instabuys for me this week.