864610_largerSome of my favorite iPad games are ones that can be enjoyed on the same screen with multiple players. There's something really fun about experiencing a game with my wife and guests, tapping away with ease, and with an almost near instant setup time. Don't Fall in the Hole [Free] is one such game.

The objective of Don't Fall is simple -- avoid being pushed into the great unknown, and throw everyone else in it at all costs. The only catch? You can't freely move your tank around at will. Instead, you have to rely on aiming shots billiard-style to gain any sort of recoil momentum, while attempting to blast your opponent into various holes that appear on the board. But you aren't going to be blasting willy-nilly, as tapping the screen detonates your tank shell. Choosing to aim for power-ups, the ground, or other players is another layer on top of a seemingly simple setup that will get you thinking a bit more before letting a shot loose.

Power-ups like the giant bowling ball help make the game, as you have to decide between using your regular shot at opportune moments, or going for a riskier reward. It's all in good fun though since matches rarely last more than a few minutes. As complex as Don't Fall can get though, once you get into the thick of things and exhaust all your power-ups you won't find a whole lot else to experience. There aren't enough levels to really justify continued rounds, and the different player skins do nothing more than differentiate each tank.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention another catch -- it's multiplayer only, and it's a local same screen affair for up to four players. Once you take a shot, you pass the iPad and let someone else play, then repeat. Depending on your situation where your iPad is housed, that may preclude you from even enjoying the game. No AI is a massive bummer since I can easily see myself returning to Don't Fall when there's no one around -- alas, no luck there. But if you can actually scrounge up some other people, it's incredibly fun and easy to pick up.

I wouldn't sit down and play Don't Fall In the Hole for hours at a time, but in short spurts it's a great game to enjoy in a dorm room or with your family. The iPad doesn't have enough same-screen experiences in my opinion, and thankfully Don't Fall adds to the ever-increasing stable of family gaming.

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  • bajaresident

    Much more fun than playing Monopoly (again) on family iPad gaming night.

    • lepke

      Another game that is mildly fun for just 2 players is guessperson. But yes, agreed.

  • lepke

    There was a game called Jedi knight academy 3 I believe, doubtfully anyone remembers or even played it? But I did play it and in multiplayer it had a map that was a black hole in the middle and graphics were 3d. With weapons and force pushes and pulls, people battled away to win in team death match and normal death match.

    It was hysterical and very amusing for short games 🙂

    So if this was real time and online multiplayer I would have given it a 5 star review. But with those 2 components missing I don't see how you can give it that score, especially after you highlight several other issues.

    Now somebody make a "hole" that would be awesome please.

    • anabolicMike

      Snookie has a huge disgusting greasy hole.

      • lepke

        Lol ok 😀

Don't Fall in the Hole Reviewed by Chris Carter on . Rating: 3.5