349917_largerFrom Elite, the makers of the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection [$2.99] and tons of similar retro-y stuff, comes Ultima IV: C64 [Free]. It's totally free, and seems to include both the full game as well as a bunch of reference material like a digital copy of the original player reference card and tons more.

I can only assume the reason this is free is through some weird cross promotion deal with Ultima Forever [Free] judging by the prominent "Get Ultima Forever Free!" on the main screen. We weren't that crazy about Ultima Forever in our review, so it's always great to see these awesome classic Ultima games hitting the App Store.

We're going to be spending more time with Ultima Iv, but, since it's free and all and totally a classic RPG I can't think of many reasons to not download it immediately.

  • Mess

    US only 🙁

    • Christopher

      Create a US account, switch accounts for download, switch back to local account when complete?

      • Mess

        I have one, but I can't remember the password and can't be bothered to reset it right now (lazy!)

      • shadax

        Then you must not want it that much.

    • Serafiniert

      Downloaded it. Greetings from Germany.

    • rednekzomby

      Its in the Aus store

      • bloodapthy

        You sure? Just tried on my aus account says its not available.

      • ridiculocity

        Search for it in Oz store. I just downloaded it 🙂

    • JustKarma

      Up in UK store, just search for it

      • Mess


    • Roleki

      Try searching for Elite Systems Ltd., and it should be in their long list of titles.

  • Adams Immersive

    I wonder if it supports iCade, like ZX Spectrum does if I recall correctly? Have to test that later.

  • The Gamer Dude

    Not working in portrait mode on my touch, and things are too stretched out in landscape mode

  • Wizard_Mike

    And my dream of having the entire Ultima catalog on my iPad starts to become a reality! 😀

    • tootiegooch

      Same here.... I think this is the best version as well (played several different versions thru emulators). It's a little clunky but it works well enough. Thanks.... EA?!

  • Wizard_Mike

    And I just noticed they already have their first update. When did this hit the app store? lol

    • cofunguy

      It has been in beta for months..;)

  • Carvool

    Downloading now. I've always WANTED to play this on my phone—but have always worried how they'd deal with the 'every-key-on-your-keyboard-does-something' controls. SLASH'EM did alright, so it's possible to pull off…

    • Carvool

      …aaand it's a massive qwerty keyboard 🙁

      I suppose making an intuitive touch control scheme would've taken a lot more work…

  • pdSlooper

    I've got this from GOG, the interface is pretty awful (good for its time yadda yadda)...I can't imagine trying to play it on my iPod!

    • tootiegooch

      I can't imagine playing on an iPod... It's not bad on an ipad tho... The game was great for its time, the interface never was (until later ultimas). The 'command for every key' was necessary pre-mouse/touch, but very awkward even then.

  • Leo281993

    Now this here is the true ultima. Unlike that quest for the avatar iOS version they made...

  • anabolicMike

    Omg. I checked out more games on the main menu of the free ultima and there's a c64 pack. It's expensive but scanning though the packs i see Jumpman. Omg omg downloading the demo to see if I can just purchase the jumpman set. Apple needs to fix their search function. I've looked up Commodore 64 and have never seen this on there!!!!

  • squabs

    135mb download for a c64 game?!

    • Reckall

      I guess that it is the additional material that increases the size: a scan of the map (you can't play without it), the wonderful booklet (with the spellbook), the reference card...

  • iamnotpretending

    This has gotta be one of the least thought out, dumbest ports on any system ever. No keyboard in portrait mode and unreadable in landscape (on a phone anyway).

    • Wizard_Mike

      Works great on an iPad. Portrait mode actually looks the best, imo. I'm actually surprised this isn't iPad exclusive, due to the UI. Even if it worked perfectly on an iPhone/iPod, I couldn't see it being very fun to play on those devices since half the screen is a keyboard.

      A revamped UI wouldn't be out of the question, though. We don't need the full keyboard except when typing in words when talking to NPCs. They could easily make a UI with just the buttons we need, and then have the device's own virtual keyboard pop up when we have to actually type something.

      I'll still take it as-is, though. It's completely free, no iap at all. This is a gift, the way I see it. 🙂

      • pdSlooper

        Actually kinda glad it's not iPad only, then I'd have to download it from my computer. Too bad it's not optimized for every device, but I certainly don't mind a free classic either way (despite my gripes above).

  • eugenemcardle

    Plays great on the mini in portrait mode. Clear as!

  • Mr.Critic

    Really was planning to get into this game, read the whole manual and the guide included with the game, but there are some major flaws with the buttons. Every time your character moves, there is a sound played that sounds like a low pitched scratch on a chalkboard, I hope this isn't how it is supposed to be(was real young when this game came out so I wouldn't know), but regardless a fix is needed for this to be playable IMO. On the other hand it is free so it isn't that bad considering all things......

    • Wizard_Mike

      Yeah, that's what we called "sound effects" back then. ;P

      • Mr.Critic

        Oh I didn't even know you had those -_-(sarcasm). Seriously though, it doesn't sound like any sound effect I have ever heard in these types of games, it sounds different every time and it definitely shouldn't be the sound to describe movement(it is played whenever you move in a particular direction). Then again I may be wrong, it has happened before ;D.

    • Mr.Critic

      I see now that i didn't go into the other flaw with the buttons, it only registers certain taps on the keyboard. Sometimes it does/doesn't pick up taps, or it takes a few seconds for the action to occur, something must have went wrong with the code.

  • Morgan01

    Freezes whenever I load a saved game on an iPad 4. Pretty much unplayable.

  • LordElrond09

    Umm I can't move. Which keys control nsew?