The C64 Version of ‘Ultima IV’ Just Hit the App Store For… Free?

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349917_largerFrom Elite, the makers of the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection ($2.99) and tons of similar retro-y stuff, comes Ultima IV: C64 (Free). It’s totally free, and seems to include both the full game as well as a bunch of reference material like a digital copy of the original player reference card and tons more.

I can only assume the reason this is free is through some weird cross promotion deal with Ultima Forever (Free) judging by the prominent “Get Ultima Forever Free!" on the main screen. We weren’t that crazy about Ultima Forever in our review, so it’s always great to see these awesome classic Ultima games hitting the App Store.

We’re going to be spending more time with Ultima Iv, but, since it’s free and all and totally a classic RPG I can’t think of many reasons to not download it immediately.

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