Back in July Gameloft announced Thor: The Dark World - The Official Game, and official game (in case you didn't gather that) for the upcoming movie Thor: The Dark World. It's a hack 'n slash title, somewhat similar looking to their long-running Dungeon Hunter series, but with heaps more Thor. It actually looked pretty awesome, and today the company has released a new trailer for the game which reinforces that feeling even further.

Thor: The Dark World - The Official Game is set to release sometime in November, and will be a free-to-play title. That last little bit will likely be the main determining factor, as visually and mechanically the title looks really solid. Let's just hope it's less Dungeon Hunter 4 and more Plants vs. Zombies 2 in the pay model department. Stop by our forums for some discussion on the upcoming title, and keep those eyes peeled for Thor: The Dark World in a couple of months.


  • Eseres

    So, how is GameLoft going to mess up this game then? I feel that they have let alot of gamers down lately in their game releases. And when on top of that this being a free to play title, i won't be too exited with this. So, in other words, i'll be expecting this game to be crap, but amazed if it really works out to be great.

    • lepke

      Since it is a licensed game it could mean that they will do their best in order to create confidence in future businesses licensing them their titles which can be a very profitable endeavor. Pure speculation of course and I haven't looked up their track record when it comes to similar games of theirs.

    • Locanis

      I wouldn't say they let gamers down with -every- game. Asphalt 8: Airborne is pretty freaking sweet. And craps all over EA's Need For Speed and Real Racing offerings recently.

      If anything it's EA has disappointed me more. They took all that was fun and premium about Real Racing, and slapped timers and the feeling of pay walls on it. You have to specifically craft your play with multiple cars just to try and do anything in that game without it begging you to open your wallet up. And the recent Need For Speed.. In my opinion Asphalt 8 puts it to shame.

      My opinion of course.

      • lepke

        EA has disappointed gamers for more than 20 years...

      • Jake7905

        Yup, Gameloft still offers premium games that puts EA's recent releases to shame. Unfortunately, I have yet to play a Gameloft freemium game that didn't completely suck.

    • JJE McManus

      It's a tie-in game. No matter how hot a trailer is I can't escape the suspicion that if I buy it i will end up with cider in my ear (reference).

  • whitestatic

    Looking forward to another movie-licensed game with uninspired gameplay for me to ignore. I hope the reviewer gets hazard pay. Or make it a rite of passage for the interns.

  • ZarieoZ

    I hope it burns to ash.

    Well I was gonna say that I hope they would change their mind about IAP or that its sad. But you know what, the only thing worth saying is that I hope it burns to ash. Gameloft is like a virus that ruins whatever they get their hand on, they didn't deserve the respect I had for them before. Cause you know, you read the announcement, it's good news, you read the rest, then it's good new ruined. As I'd really like to play this but I won't.

    • iValerio90

      dont forget EA

      • ZarieoZ

        Oooooh was gonna give them a mention then thought they don't need it.... They are already known for being the ones who invented this virus.. They even got The Golden Poop Award a couple of years ago by people's votes for letting gamers down.

  • Jake7905

    The fact that this is free-to-play AND a movie tie-in (a movie promo) makes this a game to avoid. I'm still having nightmares about my 'Iron Man 3' experience.

    • curtneedsaride

      Yeah man. They ruined my favorite superhero by making it F2P and throwing in tons of IAP, timers, and currencies. It really is a nightmare playing it. Kind of upsets me that Thor gets this style game but Iron Man didn't. Hopefully, IF they get the license to do an Avengers game, they won't make it so IAP heavy. Avengers Initiative has been a waste and Alliance is pretty fun but a grind.

  • defunct32

    Boring, but Thor is smokin'

  • eventide

    Dear Jesus.

    • iValerio90

      tell me...tell me everything

  • iValerio90


  • Morphzeus

    Looks very good! But just as with all new Gameloft games, the fun is werden. Destroyed by extremely expensive in-app-1purchases as well in this game. When will we finally wake up to the gamer and boycott companies like Gameloft , EA, Gamevil , Com2us etc. Only when all the games I can not download anything to change .

  • Roleki

    Sounded great until I read FREE, can't afford Gameloft's FREE titles...

  • mr_wexer

    Another crap console clone from lameloft. This company continues to get way too much coverage for their crap apps. But as all gamers know these coverage slots can be bought on TA. Keep writing about this rubbish RA we love it 🙁