Well guys, it's Wednesday morning again and once again we're being overloaded with brand new iOS games in the New Zealand App Store. We've already had our hands all over Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed which you can see in the below video, and we're going to work on cranking out more of these first look videos as the day progresses:

Here are the games that are on our radar currently:

More games might pop up during the day too, so if you're looking forward to something that isn't listed here, all hope is not lost quite yet.

  • ImJPaul

    Infected wars and zombie highway. Zombie week.

  • lanights

    Hmmm...I see nothing off the bat that strikes me. I smell a 'meh' week.

  • B30

    Giant Bolder of Death, a new Pik Pok game, count me in!

  • ste86uk

    Is there anywhere where you can find international AppStore links? I can never find games without them as soon as they should be released here.