Last month Konami announced a new card-battling game based in the Star Wars universe, and today Star Wars Force Collection [Free] has gone live in the App Store. Force Collection allows you to build a team of characters and vehicles spanning all six of the Star Wars movies, and then battle it out by either choosing to play on the side of the Jedi Order or indulge in your inner evil by joining the Dark Side. Beyond that, your cards can be upgraded to expand on each of their unique features and abilities.

star-wars-force-collection_003_battle_ipad star-wars-force-collection_002_collect_ipad

Star Wars Force Collection is free-to-play, and is an online-only game. So far the impressions in our forums are that the loading times are atrocious, which is kind of killing peoples' enthusiasm for the game. Hopefully that's something that can be sorted out down the line, but I am curious to see how the actual card-battling and card upgrading works in practice. The Star Wars universe is perfect for a game like this, so if you're interested give the free download a shot and give it a spin for yourself.

  • Pocketnova

    That was quick.

  • Morgan01

    Sadly, it's a Freemium title.

    • rewyan

      A card collecting game..... of course it's freemium.

  • caaalrb

    Just what I need to tide me over until Hearthstone goes open beta/releases.

    • caaalrb

      Nevermind, it kind of blows

      • cawaker

        It blows big time, not at all like a real card game

      • darthblaire

        What?! WHY?!?!

  • ilp2003

    Not a true card battle game, just an empty generic shell game like the Transformers TCG was. Shame, I was hoping for a real card battle game within the Star Wars Universe, especially with Konami in charge, they've done card games. Dissapointed.

  • Jake7905

    Looks like 'KOTOR' is still the only real 'Star Wars' game available for IOS. Who will be the next developer to waste a 'Star Wars' license?

  • AlexMilo

    This is the worst game I have downloaded in a long time. Good thing I didnt waste any money!

  • darthblaire

    What's everyone's opinion of the best card battle game? You know, since I was looking forward to this and it blows.

    • Fieryseraph

      Magic 2014. Then SolForge.

  • Nicholas Miller

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  • sarxos

    Actually I kind of like it. Also my load times are very, very quick. Maybe it was a temporary bug or something?

    • Geof LeBaron

      Were you using Wifi at the time? Load times seem to be hideously long when using a cellular signal.

  • gmattergames

    Never been into these types of games, but I played and despite it being totally geared toward IAP, I've managed to enjoy several hours of play without any purchases by using the quest/battle/ally options that reward game currency. No issue with lag for me, but did notice one bug: during formation edit mode, when swapping card locations, cards will display the stats of the card that was in the spot previously. This is only topical and once in battle, the correct stats apply, but still annoying. Overall, enjoying this much more than I thought I would.

    • ilp2003

      Yeah it's just like hey thew a Star Wars skin over Dark Summoner :/

  • Eatsithanddie

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  • Neb Johnson

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