391947_largerIf you couldn't tell by our review and subsequent game of the week award, we're huge fans of Gameloft's Asphalt 8 [Free]. It's a near-perfect blend of totally over the top arcade racing combined with race mechanics that are actually really fun- Particularly while doing some crazy corkscrews and other jumps that at times make your car feel like more of a skateboard as you're doing insane 1080's off ramps.

Be sure to watch my crazy jump in the Tokyo level:

I feel like if all you do is play the first three races, bust out some crazy jumps, and call it a day you'll have gotten your 99¢ worth out of Asphalt 8. Thing is, you'd barely even be scratching the surface, as this game has so much more content to blow through.

  • TheGrimCreeper


  • speedlie

    Perfect game i thinking , à joy to play !!

  • RamazAdelphos


  • islesfan

    It is fun to play, but the driving mechanics are far better on Most Wanted. I found myself playing Asphalt 8 a lot in the first week, but then I went back to MW.

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    For 0.89€ you get a fantastic experience, but for a bit more than 7€ you can get an incredible amazing experience. I bought the D and C car packs IAP, and I don't regret at all. You can get up to season 5 without upgrading nor buying any other cars apart from the ones from the D and C car pack IAP's.

    That way, you get money for the B, A and S cars you want. Think carefully though about which cars to buy from those classes, though. A bad purchase and you'll regret it. I have just bought the Ferrari 458 Italia in the B class, and I'll wait until I need the A and S class cars to buy one of those. Others prefer the Nissan GT-R (R35), but I like the Ferrari 😀

    • Jake7905

      Very sound advice, I found that for $1 you get a few hours of excellent arcade racing along with a very good multiplayer mode. But if you want to get deeper into the game's season mode without grinding for hours, you'll need to spend a few bucks.

      I went with the $2 IAP for the D class set of cars, which got me to the 5th season without any grinding. But now I can feel the grind. It's still the best arcade racer on IOS (sorry, NFSMW) and is far from being a freemium game like 'Real Robbery 3', but $1 only gets you so far.

  • marc0313

    Funny now the guys paid to review it and play it suck more than the actual players lol

    • Rip73

      "Paid to review"?
      Jeez man, get out of the basement and get a life rather than these hapless, idiotic conspiracy theories that amount to nothing in the real world.

  • Scot D

    Don't listen to Eli, Jared, That steering wheel idea could be really rad, especially with a shiny new iPad.

  • defunct32

    How fluid is this game on an iPod Touch 5th Gen?

    • Pixel_Gamer

      It's pretty smooth. Frame rate hiccups but nothing too bad. The graphics get toned down a lot though.

    • Pixel_Gamer

      Fluid and playable. Some sudden frame rate hiccups once in a while. Graphics get toned down a lot though. Can be hard to spot some of the routes because of screen size.

      • defunct32

        Ok. Thank you, am getting this then!

  • Scot D

    After watching this TA plays, I am now going to buy this game. I was on the fence but you guys helped push me over. Thanks TA, you're the best!

  • defunct32

    Just bought it! Love it! I'm not a racing fanatic but this installment got me all pump and my adrenaline rushing, it also helps a ton that you can play your music on the iPod while playing the game!

  • defunct32

    Also, anyone has good songs recommendation when playing A8?

  • RangerInfantry

    Sweet game, I've easily already gotten my .99 worth of fun and then some. Not a racing fan at all, but this is right up my alley. Worth it.

  • tunaVille

    I was so close to buying this. I have had numerous issues with Gameloft games. Ex. Their golf game is great, but they force you to go into the marketplace. And load, and then load to come back to golf. Then crash. It's 10 mins before I get a swing. Don't Mind the heavy storage I mind the senseless load guzzling flash. From comments between the hype this looks like same old same old.