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‘Monster Adventures’ Gets a Trailer and It Looks Incredibly Awesome

monsteradventuresBack in early May, Foursaken Media announced a new project called Monster Adventures, and it seemed to get quite a lot of people excited (including me). Monster Adventures, much like Foursaken’s previous releases, is kind of a mashup of many different game genres. It’s an action RPG for the most part, with a heavy emphasis on catching and collecting various kinds of monsters, similar to something like Pokemon or Monster Hunter.

You can then use the many kinds of essences from those captured monsters to mix and match the various attributes and create your own uniquely styled monster, which you can then take into battle in online competition in the Monster Games arena.

There’s also a bit of roguelike mixed in, as the worlds you’ll be exploring and battling in are randomly generated and get more difficult the deeper you go. The further along you go the more cool items and monsters you’ll come across, but if you die while you’re out and about, you’ll be zapped back to the town hub and lose all your progress you’d made on that run up until that point, so there’s some risk vs. reward in testing your limits of how far you choose to go.

It’s even more complex that what I’ve described, but those are the basic points that make up Monster Adventures. At long last, Foursaken has released the first trailer that shows off the game in action which you can check out right here:

I was stoked for Monster Adventures just when it was a description and a set of early screenshots, but after seeing this trailer my anticipation has shot right through the roof. Given Foursaken’s track record of releasing awesome genre-mashup games like Bug Heroes (Free), Block Fortress ($1.99), and Heroes and Castles ($1.99), it’s practically guaranteed that Monster Adventures will be another winner. Foursaken expects the game to launch in the next couple of months or so if everything goes smoothly, so check out the forums and look for more in the near future.