361775_largerBack in January, Bean's Quest [$2.99] developer Kumobius launched Time Surfer [$0.99] in the App Store, and for the first time since then you can now grab the game for free for a limited time. Time Surfer, as per our review, is like "if the '80s exploded all over Tiny Wings" coupled with a very cool rewinding mechanic that allowed you to roll back time and fix whatever mistake it was that caused your run to end. Fantastic pixel art, a killer soundtrack, and a slew of different playable characters, pets, and special items rounded out Time Surfer making it one of the best endless runner games we've seen in a long time.

While Time Surfer has gone free for the time being, it's also received a massive new update. An entirely new mode called The Kepler Run has been added, and is mostly devoid of the typical enemies and obstacles you'd see. Instead, the ground eventually becomes very scattered, with huge gaps in between. The trick is to use the gravitational pull of black holes in the sky to slingshot your character far enough to keep going. It's a pretty awesome twist on the usual Time Surfer formula.

Another big addition is stat boosts for all the various playable characters in the game. Now both characters and pets have their own unique perks which give a subtle stat boost to one of your attributes. You can mix and match characters and pets to try and find the best combination to suit you, but there are also hidden combos that will give you an even better boost if you pair them up. For example, use Bean from Bean's Quest as your player and Axolotl as your pet for a cool surprise.

There's also a handful of brand new characters, including a pirate with his "pirate boat surfboard thing", a Snalien which is an alien combined with a snail, and a Neon Surfer which is like the default guy but all '80s'd out with long, flowing neon hair. Time Surfer is just plain great, but I hadn't picked it up in a while just due to the many, many other games always coming out and begging for my attention. I fired it up to try out this new update and instantly fell in love all over again, so if you missed out on Time Surfer before definitely snag it while it's free.

  • lancheta

    Got it. Great game 🙂

  • Jef Crisis

    yes yes yes yes yes. Brilliant game. Get it nowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  • http://www.silentrocco.com/ Silent Rocco

    The update is amazing. One of my favorite "free minute" games since day 1.

  • RamazAdelphos

    Well I took a break from my busy schedule. aka:Playing Junk Jack X and Terraria. To give this game a try and it's pretty fun 5/5 stars for me