343557_largerThe hot games list in the TouchArcade App [Free] can be a weird place at times. The algorithm it uses a bunch of different data points to figure out what games our community are talking about, and quantity of forum posts is one of those elements. The forum thread for Super Brothers [Free] was quite active today, with people initially just seeing it as a free platformer with no ads or IAP. That's worth checking out, right? Sure, why not!

So, Jared and I decided to give the game a look:

Spoilers: The game isn't that great. Actually, to be specific, it's not great at all. Whatever. If you were wondering what this Super Brothers game in our app was all about today, here you go. If nothing else, it caused me to learn who MC HotDog is.

That's something, right?

  • C. Stubb

    You guys don't know MC Hotdog? How could you be so stupid!?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Wait, is this a serious or sarcastic comment? I genuinely do not know.

      • Evolution888

        He's just a taiwanese rapper, nothing special

      • C. Stubb

        Just messin', never heard of the guy before either.

  • Scot D


  • JJE McManus

    Best line of the week:
    "Yes! I did that to you. "

    • Rivalsan

      Start at 6 min 20 seconds in the video to understand this reference.

  • Illuminerdy

    The sounds are right from Mario as well. Those are the exact, iconic, sue-worthy sounds.

  • Josue Feliciano

    Wow, this looks amazingly bad. I'm glad you played it so I don't have to 🙂

  • TurboRuhland

    Whyyyyyy are these controls so bad. Who makes controls like these. It's like they didnt even play it. Not being able to slide my thumb to change direction is a deal killer.

    Already deleted this crap.

  • frasermorgan

    What's with all the Adidas schtuff?