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Rovio is Releasing an ‘Angry Birds’ Kart Racer Titled ‘Angry Birds Go’

Well, this definitely wins the “unexpected news of the day" award. It’s no secret that Rovio is always working on other games, I mean, they’re a game studio- That’s sort of what you do. The catch is, Rovio is big enough that they only actually talk about these ideas when they’re fully baked and ready to roll. So, enter Angry Birds Go, a kart racer sponsored in part by RedBull:

Details are basically limited to that video, but what I’m sort of imagining is the building mechanic they’re hinting at could be combined with something similar to Bad Piggies, only with a racing mechanic instead of simply completing puzzle levels. Redbull has already released a few kart (and other similar) games, so they seem like a good partner for Rovio to be linked up with.

We’ll post more news as it develops, but, I loved Bad Piggies so I’m pretty stoked for the potential here… Especially, as Jared just put it, “If you build your own kart a la Bad Piggies that could be hella tight."