857902_largerWith so many endless runners on the market, it's imperative that as a developer, you try everything you can to stick out in the crowd. With top-notch visuals that bring back memories of running through Mirror's Edge's beautiful city, RunBot [Free] attempts to do just that.

Your job as the RunBot is to dash to freedom and avoid your intended use as a war-machine. You'll accomplish this escape in two ways -- running and flying. Running is done Temple Run style, with swipes to the left and right, with jumps and slides enacted by upward and downward swipes respectively. In a cool twist, tapping the screen shoots beams at enemies and barriers on-screen. Flying is the best part of the game, and if you can imagine that laser filled room from the first Mission Impossible, you'll have an idea of the sorts of obstacles you'll be avoiding.

But it is called RunBot after all, and running is what you're going to be doing the most of, with a small proviso. Since your hero is constantly losing juice, it's essential to pick up battery packs so you can actually use these functions, otherwise you'll find yourself smacking into the side of a wall and ending your run. On each run you can set a casual or hardcore difficulty level, which are about on par with what you'd expect.

Visually, the game is stunning in 3D as every background element, from the cityscape to the flying vehicles, are wonderfully detailed. Obstacles are colored with neon yellow and blue hues, really making them feel dangerous and part of the action. The batteries themselves are easy to spot, which is a stark upgrade from games that have tiny or otherwise spotty power-ups.

Since the game is free there is a microtransaction store, but the upgrades don't feel as hefty (or fun) as other titles. The problem with RunBot is that past the premise, it basically lacks heart. The city looks the same every time, the obstacles feel exactly the same, and the upgrades you earn through basic play feel marginal at best. The visual style starts to not pop as much as it used to, and seeing the same generic humanoid robot game after game gets a bit jarring. Once you've done a few good runs, you've basically experienced the game, for better or for worse.

While RunBot is a solid 3D runner overall, the main problem is that it just isn't really compelling enough to keep going. While most runners are never short on personality, RunBot's mechanics and visuals start to blend together after a while. Thankfully it's free, so it's incredibly easy to jump in for a few minutes and judge for yourself.

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  • C. Stubb

    One of my biggest complaints about the game was the constant stereotypical police radio chatter that kept coming on during a run. Since there's only about three things it says, "Suspicious activity reported in the downtown area," and "He got away. It's too fast," get really, -reeeeeeeally- repetitive.

  • toxiccheese

    Let's see... The game looks really good in 3d with stunning visuals... Everything else about it is bland, mediocre, and uninspiring including the running mechanic...

    Style over substance?

    So... 3 stars!

    • LOLCAT

      Sounds pretty right to me.

      • toxiccheese

        3 stars says average to me and most people out there, yet the review makes it sound way less than average.

  • Xissoric

    I've been reading on this site for a little while now, and I appreciate the reviews you guys post, but I was wondering if it's possible for you to include a screenshot as well as the video in case I don't want to watch a video at the time.

    • dancj

      Yeah. It's much more convenient to just see some pictures.

  • chris p bacon58

    So it's basically a slightly different knock-off of Vector.... I think I'll go ahead and skip this one

  • bigjack66

    While I agree with some of the comments I'm still playing this long after I would have given up on other runners. They're all repetitive. The graphics are repetitive but stunning and I love robots still even tho I'm over 50.

  • dabossofu

    No longer on the AppStore good thing I downloaded it.

RunBot Reviewed by Chris Carter on . Rating: 3