EA and Mythic have announced that they're unleashing a mobile reboot of the cult-classic '90s strategy title Dungeon Keeper for iOS and Android devices this winter. As was the case with the original Dungeon Keeper, you'll be tasked with creating an underground dungeon lair outfitted with all manner of traps and monsters which you'll use to keep out pesky hero types. The mobile iteration will include the ability to infiltrate your friends' dungeons and test how durable their own defenses are. Here's a whole bunch of screens (click to enlarge 'em):


dk-2 dk-3 dk-4

dk-5 dk-6 dk-7

No further details have been released for Dungeon Keeper on mobile, but based on the screens I'm definitely liking the visual style and humor on display. The thought of busting up a buddy's dungeon also sounds very cool. Being EA though, there's a high chance this will be free-to-play, and we'll have to wait and see just how that may or may not affect the experience. I'm looking forward to it at any rate, so join in on the discussion in our forums and we'll keep you in the loop when more details on Dungeon Keeper for iOS and Android surface.

  • Perjoss

    Oh wow, looking forward to hearing more about this!

  • RickyBrooke

    Epic! Loved the original I will get this instant on day of release ...

  • sbirksy666

    Will keep my eyes on this one 🙂

  • terryterryd

    EA - IAPs - Dungeon Keeper (so dear...) now ruined!

    • Jokerz

      This is definitely ruined, well done EA. EA brought out all my favourite companies like Bullfrog and Westwood...

  • Jokerz

    Noooo! Leave it alone EA, let it lie or let the professionals handle this kind of game EA. This game is one of the greatest game of its genre back in the days!
    I still play both DK1 and 2 now and then, absolute classic and brilliant game.

    • kennfusion

      Have you seen War for the Overworld, which was a recent Kickstarter funded that is currently in beta on Steam? They are doing an impressive job of creating a spiritual modern successor. I am a backer and am quite excited.

  • Maniacfive

    Love dungeon Keeper! Still play the original via GoG on the mac. However two things make me nervous.

    1) the obvious potential free to play elephant in the room.

    2) dungeon keeper 2 ditched a lot of the creepiness (scavenging room replaced with casino anyone?) I dread to think the cutesy feel this will have with today's market. EA will be looking for maximum market potential.

  • Crimzzen

    Never have I been so happy and so sad. Dungeon keeper on iOS!!!' Yay!! EA ruining it with freemium!! Tears 🙁

  • ste86uk

    I love the game, I hope it lives up to my expectations and isn't another iPad only app.

  • Bool Zero

    I have mixed feelings on this. Its exciting news to hear that your long loved series is finally making a comeback! I loved the Dungeon Keeper series but with very little imagining I can see how the game can easily be reworked as a freemium title, as I am almost certain is the direction for this game. That worries me as to whether the series can benefit of be tarnished by such a design move... I wouldn't mind the social aspect injected into the franchise as it makes perfect sense... I am however, not too keen on the notion of timers, multiple currencies and paywalls in a game that already had its fair share of time management involved; such a direction can work to a games detriment if not balanced properly. I understand its a perfect fit for the genre, but moving it toward the free to play model may be time-management overkill if mishandled or imbalance to the point where it feels too restrictive on progression rate.

    In any case, as a fan, I will give it a fair go when it releases, but I have my reservations...

  • somedumbgamer

    In general, I don't support companies like EA or chillingo types. Still mad they ruined madden years ago

    • Soarel

      You mean Glu, chillingo isn't the IAP fiend here

      • somedumbgamer

        Yes...chillingo sux too though

      • somedumbgamer

        Oh, almost forgot about Gameloft...don't care for them either.

  • defunct32

    Looks promising! I want this but please no IAPs; I'm talking about paywall, pay to progress.

  • korkidog

    We can't say that EA will ruin the game with a freemium model as it didn't harm Plants vs Zombies 2. IAP ruins some games and not others so I will take a wait and see approach.

    • Bool Zero

      Its not just a matter of the publisher, it is also a matter of the developer. This is being developed by Mythic who also made the recently released Ultima Forever... A game that's key mechanics are wrapped around its freemium model (keys for chests, keys for repair, keys for everything).

  • Oka-mi

    A huge fan of the franchise, but this seems Zyngafied to the extreme - generic, cutesy graphics with no personality and I'm absolutely certain that this will be freemium. 🙁
    What a shame...

  • Wizard_Mike

    This could be really awesome!

    For those worried about EA and iap, take note that this is also a Mythic game (same guys that did Ultima Forvever). While that might make confirmation for a horrid iap system for most people, you should also note that Mythic is monitoring and adjusting the things that turned so man people away from Ultima Forever.

    Many of us have been making quite a noise on Mythic's forums and they are listening and making changes, with the first change (regarding item repair costs) happening by this weekend. Other changes and adjustments are planned for the first content update slated for September.

    That gives me hope that Mythic can turn Ultima Forever around for the masses. That also gives me hope that this Dungeon Keeper game can turn out good even if it is a freemium title. Mythic is still learning the mobile iap scene, so I'll be cautiously optimistic for Dungeon Keeper.

    • Morgan01

      Man, I hope your right. EA has been biting the big one. Been avoiding their titles like the plaque. However, I did try Ultimata see first hand if it was as bad as it sounded. I didn't want to be a hypocrite and comment on a game without trying it out first. Needless to say, it was deleted.

  • Heavnsix

    Mr. Torgue would be mother****ing excited!

    • ste86uk

      I love Mr. Torgue he should be in every game.

  • Hampus Jensen

    Being able to 'infiltrate' the dungeons of your friends (or maybe even random people) could be neat, just look at Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, it's a neat concept.

    That said, I dread the possibility of there being a load of 'social game' stuff as popularized by Zynga. Give me a fun game and not a bunch of progress bars to fill by waiting, spamming friends or paying...

  • fransoccer

    Well better start making time for my girl before this comes out

  • oZtastic

    Since i got my first iPad i always imagined playing Dungeon Keeper on it. This is so awesome.

  • sabre.raven

    If it gets the same freemium treatment as Plants vs. Zombies 2, then I'm all ears 😀

    • Pivi

      Exactly. Premium buyable rooms are okay (I'll even buy them), but paywalls are not.

  • Protoman

    DK is still my go to game after a bad work day. That being said, a third game in the series would be nice. This most likely wont be it, this will be a social based money grab with the trappings of DK attached to it.
    Even if they do somehow manage to not make a wallet-raper It's moot to me. The first two games were whole, WHOLE, games. I don't want to buy extra crap or deal with freemium shite even if its done well. So unfortunately I will most likely not be getting this. Hopefully those that do enjoy it immensely though.

    I miss Bullfrog...

  • spawn12345

    This is the third IP they will ruin!

    EA Staaaaph this madness!!!!


    EA know how to screw up games that the majority want on mobile with this free-to-play tragedy

    Theme Park, don't get me started.

    • geoelectric

      Theme Park is the reason I'm concerned for this. It's the most obvious precedent.

  • shifty

    Pleaseeeee no f2p, i used to be so addicted to dk1 i will pay anything! for a squel

  • mutts

    Garanteed fail, as it will be FtP.
    So sad!

  • Luthur

    Agree with everyone's comments. Love all things bullfrog. Looking closely at screenshots, I have a bad feeling about this. I need to be able to 'carve' out the rooms (as in DKI, DKII, Evil Genius) else I will spit on the screen, toss my iPad, & firebomb the closest EA office.

  • Droog

    Since it is EA, it will either suck or be DLC loaded.

  • old man gamer

    good to see the usual whining. keep it classy, kids.

    • Protoman

      I'm curious, how is whining about whining helping with the whining? That plan working yet?

  • Plynx

    I hope they ditch the hand. Being able to drop minions directly on invading heroes made any laying out of your dungeon or planning traps, etc. pointless and made the game strategyless and boring.

  • Ryan Mitchell

    Cool I am making a futuristic Dungeon Keeper like game. Glad to see an attempt at the originals character types.