Looks like iPad will be a great stop for Dungeons & Dragons games, if creator Wizards of the Coast keeps this up. Late last week at GenCon, Wizards announced that it's bringing its physical board game Lords of the Waterdeep to iPad. No release date as of yet.

Waterdeep has up to 2-5 players taking on the role of one of "the masked lords" behind the city Waterdeep. Players are tasked with recruiting adventurers, earning influence, and expanding the city as they help or hurt each other by playing "Intrigue cards." We have the first couple of shots of this digital version just below, via Kotaku:

waterdeep-1 waterdeep-2

Playdek, by the way, is the developer behind this and that seems like a great choice; the developer has put out a couple of solid ports of board and card games, including Ascension and Agricula.

We'll have more on Waterdeep as we get it. You can check out this page to learn how to play in advance.

[via VG247, via Kotaku]

  • ConraDargo

    Whoa, awesome news!! This was one of my favorite board games to be releases in 2012 and I know that many feel the same. Everyone, you're in for a real treat here! 😀

    • Bool Zero

      Ditto! One of my current favorite boardgames as well, so having it on the iPad will be pretty sweet! Now if we can get the Ravenloft board game and other recent dungeon battle boardgames (the ones in the vein of Warhammer Quest) in app form as well, then I would dance a jig!

      • Wilmo

        I would love to be able to play Ravenloft and Ashardalon on the ipad! They really need to make this happen too 😀

      • Bool Zero

        Ashardalon! That was another interesting one! Kind of like a D&D risk game of sorts with other interesting elements grown in! Fun game!

      • SoyGreen

        I wouldn't compare the Ravenloft games to Warhammer quest... not in play at least. The Ravenloft game was a VERY weak dungeon crawler - with iffy mechanics at best. Warhammer Quest is more of a Descent Lite - I'd MUCH rather see an iPad version of Descent 2e personally.

        I really hope they don't spend any of their time on the Ravenloft type games - as there are SO MANY other games that warrant the work to make them digital than those extremely shallow experiences. (I know there are people who like them - but I played it with about a dozen other gamers over a few tries and we just were all left scratching our heads as to the appeal of the game...)

  • Papa Deuce

    Finally it sounds like what I have been waiting for, a true D and D game.

    • Papa Deuce

      Well, end based, I mean.

      • Papa Deuce

        D and D based...

      • abodi

        It's themed d&d. But it's nothing like a d&d game. Think Agricola but in waterdeep.

    • raviadso

      It's more of a euro game with a dnd theme. Still a lot of fun though.

    • DemoEvolved

      It's not a d&d game really. It's a euro Boardgame

  • famousringo

    Sign me up!

  • Eseres

    Added to my watchlist 🙂

  • Scot D

    If this is an iPad exclusive, may I ask why you tagged iPhone in the article? That isn't very nice to the less fortunate ya know!

    • 61050

      i dont actually feel any less fortunate for not having an iphone that is too big to fit in my pocket and cant make phone calls. your milage may vary i guess.

      i do have a laptop though, which coincidentally is about the same size as an ipad in a case, only its about 30 times more powerful. semantics?

  • Xaintrix

    Favorite boardgame in our household. This is great!

  • ngajoe

    It's AgricOla, Brad!

    Please and thank you!

  • MonkeyChunks

    Yes please Wizards of The Coast! I never played tabletop d&dd or d&d growing up but became familiar with it through various 90s games that adapted this rule scheme for gameplay.
    So far the iPad or iPhone have proven to be my favorite devices for board games like Carcasonne , Catan, Go, and recently magic. But having gotten magic on PC and Xbox I cannot get a third version on iPad. This looks very fun though

    • cozmic0

      as other have said this is not like a D&D RPG at all, in fact this is an euro 'worker-placement' board game like Kingsburg or Stone Age with a D&D theme. But still it is an awesome game and IMO the best in 'worker-placement' genre, just make sure you know what you're getting into.

  • Reignmaker

    Ascension remains my most played app on the ipad. Will check this out.

    • somedumbgamer

      Do you mean Ascendancy?

      • Reignmaker

        Nope. Ascension: chronicle of the godslayer.

  • Nick

    I'm just watching this tabletop episode and thought "hey now, where've I seem this before?? That would make an awesome board game"

    Then, this.

    I don't want to wait any longer 🙁