773167_largerBack in June at E3 we stopped by the Lionel Trains booth and checked out a very cool looking iPad game that had you attacking and defending against bandits along a railway using real-life Lionel train sets. Well, if that caught your attention back then, you should be pleased to know that Lionel Battle Train [Free (HD)] has finally landed on the App Store.

The premise of Lionel Battle Train is you're delivering precious cargo from location to location, but bandits are always out to rob you. It's your job to fend them off using different types of weapons and armor that you can outfit your train with in any way you choose. It's surprisingly good, actually, and there seems to be a ton of different types of weapons and armors for you to really give your train a personal spin.

After you have equipped your train to your liking, you'll hit the rails on the way to your next destination. During the trip all manner of enemies will come at you, and you'll deal with them by tapping the weapon you want to use and then tapping an enemy when they get within range of it. You can also change lanes with a two-finger swipe to either ram enemies off the track or avoid hazards.

Again, I'm really pleasantly surprised with how well the systems come together in Lionel Battle Train. I originally thought it would be sort of a simple arcade type game where the big novelty was having real-life Lionel train sets to play with, but I'm finding this a pretty deep title so far. Best of all is it's free for you to download and try yourself, so if you've got an iPad 2 or newer and a hankering for some train-based combat, give Lionel Battle Train a spin today.

  • {SQUEEK}

    Hmmm battle trains...

  • pavarotti2007

    Why do the videos never work within this app??

    • Wizard_Mike

      The videos always work for me. *shrug*

  • Wizard_Mike

    This looks kind of cool, but I have to say the premise is rather silly. Why on earth would bandits use track vehicles to destroy your battle train? They could just destroy a piece of the track and derail the train, lol.

    • Panzerbush

      Suspension of disbelief. It's a GAME.

      • Zeldaniac


      • Wizard_Mike

        I have no problems suspending my disbelief. I am a gamer, of course, lol. I think you might need a boost in the humor and/or imagination department. πŸ˜‰

        Seriously, am I the only one that had the immediate image of a bunch of bandits planning out their next attack (after losing countless equipment and men to this unstoppable battletrain) and one of the bandits says "why don't we just destroy the track?" The rest of the bandits just sit there staring and blinking at him in sheer disbelief as they come to the shocking awareness of how stupid they have been all along. I mean, come on, that's funny!

        Kind of like in Indiana Jones when the big guy jumps out and swings his swords around and yells a bunch, and instead of fighting him, Indie just pulls out his pistol and shoots him. A big elaborate setup completely disabled by a simple action is humorous!

        Don't let your suspension of disbelief stifle your sense of humor. πŸ˜‰

      • Toasty_Cat

        It does say in the trailer there are no roads... if they blew up the tracks they wouldn't be able to raid anybody or get anywhere πŸ˜›

    • LeeDot

      Because the rails are made from a super dense form of adamantium. Duh. πŸ˜‰

    • crispin

      And why are those birds so dang angry?

  • lanights

    Hmmm...similar to Jet Trains?

  • ngajoe

    Irritating swipe controls and hard to hit guns and enemy boxes make this game a chore. Too bad the only original thing about this game is that it's licensed. Not Recommended.

  • !nsomn!ac

    Any one knows who did the soundtrack for this video?

  • o0oJAKEo0o

    I would like to play this game but, I can't get past the the tutorial without it crashing! Then I have to replay the tutorial again and again.... πŸ™