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E3 2013: Lionel Embraces iOS with ‘Battle Train’ and iOS Control Modules

Lionel trains have been around forever. The old ones are worth a bundle, and the new stuff they’re putting out is ridiculously rad. They had a tiny booth at E3, where they were showing off a game called Battle Train, which uses actual existing Lionel trains that you can buy and drive around on a real-world track in a game filled with missiles and other crazy stuff. Check out the gameplay video we shot-

Battle Train will be available this summer, but the (potentially) cooler thing they’ve got in the works is a control module for their physical trains that will work with iOS devices. Essentially, hobbyists will be able to use an iOS app to do all the things you can do with their various controllers. They didn’t have many details on how it was all going to work, but I imagine it’ll be a major step up from an array of physical buttons.