While the App Store as a whole seems to be swirling down the free to play storm drain, Rocketcat and Madgarden are holding fast with the idea of premium games- And their new one sounds incredibly awesome. It's called Death Road to Canada, and per the tag line in the trailer, it's a "Randomized Permadeath Road Trip Simulator". Sure, it's a zombie game, which normally would make us groan pretty hard, but if anyone can do a zombie game right, it's the collaboration of these two studios. Per the thread in our forums, players will make their way from Florida to Canada, with all sorts of highly randomized experiences hinging around Choose Your Own Adventure-style decisions.

Check out the trailer:

Also mentioned in the thread is that the zombies they're going for are the slow style that are dangerous in number (as seen in the trailer). Characters you come across are randomized, and you can even play as a dog (?). Apparently, inspirations include games like King of Dragon Pass, The Walking Dead, River City Ransom, Wasteland Kings and "a very tiny bit" of Oregon Trail. It all sounds pretty rad to me.

This same collaboration brought us Punch Quest [Free], which, in my book, means it's very appropriate to get excited for Death Road to Canada. They're aiming for an October release, and "in exchange for having no IAP" they're looking at a $4.99 price point.

  • Endscrypt

    Looks & sounds like lots of fun, At $5 count me in.

  • jeffyg3

    Go Canada!

    • Taclys

      The zombies are all too nice up there to eat you. Or at least they'll apologize for it.

  • defunct32

    Feel free to charge me as much as you want as long your game justifies the price and no IAPs I'm in!

    But charge me a premium price tag and attach IAPs to your app! .... Two words: GET OUT!

    • wigzisonfire


    • xx99

      I know this discussion happens on pretty much every game post, but count me in as somebody who thinks there are good ways to implement IAP. Games with expansion packs like Summoner Wars or Neuroshima Hex or the cool cheat menu that Mikey Hooks just did. I am happy to purchase IAP that isn't predatory, coercive, or unfair.

      • defunct32

        I should rephrase: I don't mind IAPs as long as it's not a blatant pay-to-win scheme.

  • NOEN

    LOVE IT!

  • http://www.silentrocco.com/ Silent Rocco

    Next instabuy from these amazing guys, although the re-use of the hitting sounds is a bit lazy 😉

    • Paul Pridham

      It's not a re-use at all, but it is using the same synth code I use for everything else. So yeah I will make the hit sounds more interesting and varied.

      • ptdshiznit818

        How varied will the environments be??

      • Paul Pridham

        Aiming to have a fair variety of building types, basically what you would expect to see in towns... apartments, grocery stores, police stations, parking garages, gas stations, and other more unique locations. Whatever we can cram in over the next couple months.


        How will the controls be like, will it have joysticks (please) or will it be just tap and touch like mechanics??

      • Paul Pridham

        Yeah, single swipe-style joystick, and a couple buttons.


        Nice, thanks for actually replying too!


        Also, (sorry for asking a little too much) since the game is randomized, will it have endless replay ability and will there be other tactics to do besides killing like setting up traps or distractions and will there be other towns to explore just like in organ trail? I just really like games like this.


        I forgot to say this but how many weapons in total will there be in the game (guns, melee, etc. just a rough estimate) and was the guy from Shaun Of The Dead in there?

      • Paul Pridham

        Can't answer all of these, but yes the towns will be different, randomized buildings, with different layouts and contents and characters every time.


        Yes, I understand because you don't want to spoil the game but from what I'm hearing, this game is a must buy.


        So the "Cool It" won't always work because each time, the characters will have diffrent personalities and some might get very mad and attack you, right? I'm sure that "Cool It" won't always work if they all have personalities.

      • ptdshiznit818

        Sweet sounds great! Can't wait!


        is this for IPhone 4?


      Wow, just because of you, the dev is changing the sound. You happy now that the game gets delayed for 4 more hours. HUH?!
      nah just kidding

  • Goggles789

    Great, more zombies. :/

    • Paul Pridham

      More zombies than you can shake a pipe wrench at.

  • saucybag

    I'd pay top whack for the quality that oozes from rocketcat

  • Drexiel Tempest

    Rocketcat + Madgarden? Instant Buy

  • C. Stubb

    You had me at "King of Dragon Pass".

  • ImJPaul

    I watched the video of this a few days ago. Looks really interesting. Wondering if the sort of sequel to Mage Gauntlet is still in development though? I've been looking forward to that.

    • Paul Pridham

      Wayward Saga is a purely Rocketcat effort, and thus this game has very little impact on its timeline since it has a different developer (me).

      • ImJPaul

        Awesome. I'm 100% all for it then!!!

  • Crimzzen

    I'm in!

  • tannerdactyl

    Cool it.

    • pdSlooper

      *weaponizes her GameCube and joins your party*

  • B30

    Premium, and I'll love it!

  • dylanmannen

    Looks so amazing. Will it be like "open world"?

    • Paul Pridham

      Sorta kinda not really. You'll be travelling on the roads, stopping at towns, freely roaming around a section of the town, then leaving never to return.

  • EscortGamer

    As long as no ripoff IAPs, I'm all good.

  • iammane

    "Cool it." Lol

    Looks great!!

  • LousyHero

    Rocketcat and madgarden together again. Pretty much a day one purchase for whatever these guys put out. I have never been disappointed with their games.

  • rpgmind

    ......Cool it.

  • toxiccheese

    Looks slow. Hope it plays well.

  • pdSlooper

    Not sure this is my kind of game, but if it's these devs, I'll definitely keep an eye on it.

  • dwerny

    Looks awesome. It's on my watch list now.


    Tell the zombies to "Cool It"


    Thid game would be way better if it had human.vs.human combat if you did something like attack them or someone got mad that you kicked them out of your group but it's fine keeping the game like this like this.


    hehe, Pokeymans


    So the "Cool It" won't always work because each time, the characters will have diffrent personalities and some might get very mad and attack you, right? I'm sure that "Cool It" won't always work.

  • Shifaan

    I can barely sleep with my mind stubbornly set on awaiting this game! Instabuy. I had a question, can you play multiplayer and/or via Bluetooth with your friends?

  • Shifaan

    I know you probably won't answer this, but please can you for all of us? I'm sure Paul Pridham can give us a vague release date right?

  • Shifaan

    Wow nobody comments on this thread anymore :/