DefaultAre you wild about NimbleBit's Pocket Planes [Free] but wish it had... More? Are you so wild about trains that you can relate with this guy? Well, NimbleBit has just what the doctor ordered. They're just starting the early phases of beta testing, and from the sounds of it, it's going to be pretty radical. Instead of building an airline, you set off managing multiple railroads to ferry cargo all over the world. There's all sorts of different train types to unlock, an extensive world map, and tons more.

Check out the screenshots:


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2013-08-08 09.26.55 2013-08-08 09.23.52

2013-08-08 09.30.19 2013-08-08 09.29.06

Since they just started the beta and all, NimbleBit isn't ready to start talking specifics on the release date or, really, anything else. Regardless, they're confident the game is going to hit later this year.

  • Noam Rathaus

    Looks cute, however, like Pocket Planes/ Tiny Tower, the joy ends quickly with these games as there is no real "updates" or "goals" once everything has been done - maybe this will be different

  • sakara214ever

    Looks boring

    • rainbowllama

      I hate time management games and Nimblebit doesn't help. I always feel like you're going to hit a pay wall even with them. Plus it's slow pacing and just plain boring. So I agree and I will also pass. If you want a good time management game that has no IAP then get Pixely People Making Movies.

      • Bliquid

        Tastes are one thing, but i NEVER, and i mean NEVER hit a paywall in Nimblebit game.

      • mutts

        There's no paywall in tiny tower and pocket planes.
        Both games are still on my ipad and never have had to pay to get ahead.
        And then way pay when these games are easy to hack/cheat.

        Nimblebit makes easy games nice for when you have nothing at hand.

      • Papa Deuce

        No iPad version. ๐Ÿ™

    • Karzay

      Trains are a bit boring. I would have went with PocketRockets. Sci-fi twist, NimbleBit!

      • Seniku Moonjewel

        Trains are epic, go boil yer 'ead.

      • Karzay

        That's a weak insult. No wonder you think trains are epic. :p

      • RamazAdelphos

        That was an even worse comeback :/ made me cringe dude

      • Karzay

        Actually, it wasn't a come back, it's an observation. "Go boil yer 'ead" is an unoriginal and unintelligent insult. Maybe Moon Jewel should to try to put a little more effort in trolling, if that's what she wants to be known for. Just saying...

  • Mirkwood

    Sign me up!

  • BrushMyNoseOff

    It's looking like reskinned Pocket Planes. I spent a lot of time playing that on and off, but later on it was more of a chore than anything. I hope this one will offer something fresh other than the new visuals and trains, and isn't just another title in the formula. Will keep a lookout for more details!

    • Against_Demons

      Fun Fact: Tiny Planes started development as a train game.

      • themostunclean

        Yeah, and they said it would likely never be released. I knew they would. It looked to good and they'd already put a lot of work into it.

  • Rickard Olsson

    Trains? I'm in!

  • wiseguy

    Yes! Another Nimblebit game!!!!

  • Terwilke

    Can we get updates and more characters for nimblequest!!!! Sheesh

    • Zeldaniac

      Fix the CRASHING first of all.

      • Theifokit

        They already did at least on iPhone 5

  • themostunclean

    This was what Pocket Planes was originally. They had an almost complete build and then decided to go with planes instead. So we may see it sooner than expected.

    Funny, in interviews they had said it was very unlikely this game would ever see a release. I didn't believe it at the time, guess I was right!

  • Jake7905

    While I do like and respect Nimblebit's games, it's also a complete waste to invest time in them. While they don't beat you over the head with IAP, like so many other freemium games, these type of games have no point, and no end. It's like hours of foreplay that never amount to anything.

    • mutts

      Well that is the point of these games.
      And they do have a end, it's the point where you got all planes or floors.
      So the end is there. Like any good simulation it will not have a fixed end.
      But i guess you like lineair game play.

      • Jake7905

        I would certainly not call these kind of games 'simulations', and their shallow and repetitive nature make these some of the most 'linear' games I've come across.

    • pdSlooper

      I respectfully disagree. The apps are like toy sets -- a model train, a dollhouse, a box if Legos. The fun is in building up your pieces, arranging, and rearranging them the way you want.

      If apos are for entertainment, and this entertains, then it's far from pointless. =)

      • pdSlooper

        *apps, not "apos"

      • BrettArchibald

        * Lego, not Legos.

      • pdSlooper

        Actually, I'm aware of that distinction...I just hate calling them "Lego pieces". It sounds unnatural when you grow up calling them Legos. And, honestly, I don't really care if the trademark genericizes or not.

      • Bliquid

        * Dollhouse, not... oh, wait.

      • pdSlooper


  • FortyOneNY

    Really looking forward to this! I absolutely loved the old 'Railroad Tycoon' games back in the day, and having a similar (but different) game from NB to scratch that itch will be awesome.

    • Tyler Eaves

      Comparing Nimblebit crapware to RT is an insult to thinking people everywhere.

  • Joshua

    I'm looking forward to see this game hope have some goals and new stuffs to be hock up of this game!!

  • OneBagTravel

    Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for. Might be an instant buy ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • PoliticsOfFear

    I'd prefer someone make Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon for iPad. That would be awesome.

    • Seniku Moonjewel

      I would pay ยฃ20 for Railroad Tycoon 1. its the BEST.

    • Popsux

      Hey! If you want to basicly play Transport Tycoon on your iPad, it's in development. But if you can't wait: Try "Transport General HD", it's a clone of Transport Tycoon! And it's awesome. Even thought i wish they had a multiplayer mode. And i've experienced a few crashes! But if your a TTD or OTTD fan! This is the game for you!!!!

    • RellekWVU

      Good news for you then, Chris Sawyer is remaking Transport Tycoon for iOS, and as a paid game will be true to the original!

  • witedahlia

    This comment is not about trains, but just wanted to say I think Nimblebits makes good stuff. I'm still playing Pocket Frogs even after completing all 73 GC achievements. Never really got into Pocket Planes, though.

  • themostunclean

    Wondering if you'll be anchored to the land-mass you start the game from. Unlike PP your locked to land.

    Maybe there will be a fictional Russia-Alaska line ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • JabTomcat

      It does mention "an extensive world map". Maybe there will be the imaginary bridge. Or maybe they will just unlock airport/seaports at a certain point in the game but it would just add an extra hour to travel from London to New York for example.

  • Zeital

    Ahh when 'pocket' stuff came out I always said that trains would be awesome for it. And here you are ๐Ÿ™‚ can't wait.

  • Seniku Moonjewel

    Looks great, please tell me its not 'freemium' shit.

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    I used to love NimbleBit games.... but now it's all about time management and they are all the same thing with different themes...
    Every NimbleBit game is like "cool, SimTower!!" or "Yay, Transport Tycoon"... but I guess that's just wishful thinking - no offense though, they do nail how to make good mobile games, but I must be growing up as I don't like their games anymore ๐Ÿ™

  • Diaboliq

    So it's exactly the same as pocket planes but with trains? Very original....

  • pdSlooper

    I didn't care too much for Pocket Planes. It lacked the customization options that kept me coming back to "my" tower, the visual interest of Pocket Frogs, and the actual gameplay of NimbleQuest or their anagram games.

    I find trains more appealing than planes (my dad is like that guy in the video...he took us kids railfanning with him), but this would have to be significantly more than a simple reskin to keep me interested.

  • Papa Deuce

    This should be a game for me.... I love most train games. Would love to find a model railroad sim / builder......

  • hellscaretaker

    As a few people have complain and those that corrected them Pocket Trains become Pocket Planes so yes of course its not original in the sense. Still when i saw the articles i thought i would of not minded playing that game with being a tycoon Railroad back in the Amiga Days never really come something better then that simple yet fun game. So now they changed there minds and going to bring out Pocket Trains i be downloading that and having a go end of the day if you dont like the sound of it etc etc then dont download it simple as. Wished i could sign up for the beta......

  • Seniku Moonjewel

    growing up? really.. so adults aren't supposed to like these games then? How strange, I enjoy them (49), my hubby enjoys them (51) and his mother does too (68)

    • Ahiru Nakamura

      well, I meant growing up as maturing in terms of gameplay. maybe the older you get, the simpler your mind becomes so you need simple games to spend time with... I'm 29, been playing videogames since I was 2, so well, a "click-quit-wait-open the game-click-quit-wait-rinse and repeat" gameplay got old already, and it doesn't appeal to me anymore.

  • RamazAdelphos


    • Bliquid

      You forgot "choof choof", mate.

      • RamazAdelphos


  • Annand Virk

    Pocket Trains! Like planes... WITH TRAINS.

  • DannyWalkman

    Wow! This game looks like a dream come true ๐Ÿ™‚

  • pdSlooper

    Lol at equating changing interests with maturity. At 29 you should know better.

    • Ahiru Nakamura

      lol at you guys not recognizing sarcasm when you see it... as a web 2.0 user in 2013 you should know better...

  • muffin0987

    When will this awesome game come out