BROgwldCcAA_RRz.jpg-largeHave you played Warhammer Quest [$2.99] yet? If not, you really should check out our review and give the game a download. In a nutshell, it's tabletop Warhammer distilled into a easily approachable board game-like experience. Whether you simply enjoy turn-based tactics games, or have vaguely wanted to play Warhammer without dumping hundreds of dollars on figures, Warhammer Quest is great.

If you have played Warhammer Quest and are itching for more, you're in luck. Vaguely revealed on Twitter this morning is "The Brutal Tribe" expansion. All we know is what you can see in the image here, but, it seems like standard expansion fair filled with new dudes to play as, new bad guys to fight, new items to collect, new quests to complete, and an increased level cap.

This is all coming next month, so stay tuned for whatever additional details we can secure before then.

  • Pocketnova

    Sweet. I'm still a bit annoyed at the iCloud problems, but the game was still great.

  • lr1919

    Glad to see they're still supporting this, but I'm more looking forward to Hunters 3. I really didn't like Warhammer Quest...

    • flashbackflip

      Yeah. Agree with that. Would be great if they expanded Hunters universe. Maybe selling WQ will let them do that

  • Scot D

    Sweet! Can't have too much Warhammer Quest! Bring it!

  • Scot D

    BTW is anyone else not seeing any images appear on the site?

    • defunct32

      Same, i'm using the iOS app but no puctures! *shakes fist*

      • defunct32

        Pictures* lawl!

    • Taclys

      Video is tough for me but photos are fine. I'm on an iPad.

      • Scot D

        Im on the PC. Funny thing is I can see the ads but no article images. Yay.

  • Ausar

    I'm not getting my hopes up but i will like to see this one as a free update specially after the whole initial content is almost 20$

    • vogelmann

      No way, man! I think we can expect the same price as for the Skaven expansion and the Trollslayer/Warrior Priest/Archmage.

    • Kedens

      Rodeo deserves a good chunk of change for their efforts.. All devs that stick to premium pricing deserve our support and money

      • Ausar

        Yes but Still it could be nice as well for them to give some things as a free like the new ítems or the level cap for those That bought the whole thing

  • speedyph


  • joaquin_ondamoon

    I'm more of a WH40K man myself. Anyone know of any plans for a similar game, but set in the 40K universe (Excepting 'Space Hulk')?

    • themostunclean

      I'm with you. 40K is more my style but all I've heard about is Space Hulk which honestly doesn't look all that terrific.

      • speedyph


    • vogelmann

      Slitherine is currently working on Warhammer 40k Armageddon!!

    • Bool Zero

      40K fan here myself! Looking forward to the 40k love coming and agree while I had fond memories of playing Warhammer Quest as a kid and I enjoyed the app, my bread and butter is the 40K universe and setting of the Warhammer franchise!

    • funny_man_vanya

      There were rumors of a mobile port of dawn of war set in a similar fashion

  • whitestatic

    Of the five things listed on the image, I'm most excited for level caps. I love being able to add new hats to my characters.

  • Jake7905

    I bought the whole package for 19 bucks when the game was initially released, got my money's worth, and will 100% buy any expansion/additional characters. The only thing I'd ask for in addition to what's listed here (level cap increases are my highlight) is that the enemies in the side quests would scale up to your level, creating more of a prolonged challenge. As it stands, when you max your characters out you overpower any enemy. I had no problem on Hardcore, even on the black dungeons, with maxed out characters.

    • petroni

      Yeah, the game becomes easy very soon, that's why i stopped playing and decided to wait for an update that makes it more difficult. One minor thing could make a difference: if you use a potion or bandage to revive, revived character misses a turn. That would change everything.

      • Jake7905

        That would definitely be a quick and easy way of adjusting the game's balance, adding a new layer of strategy. It really is a shame it gets so easy as you level up, it sucks the life out of the 'harder' dungeons later in the game.

  • Reignmaker

    How about multiplayer?

  • Nicholas Yu

    Instead of new classes, I wish they'd fix the old ones, particularly the borderline-unusable Warrior-Priest. Otherwise, looking forward to a raised level cap and new content!

  • matus

    So a savage Orc add on. Could be cool, the load screen has been going on about them long enough. I hope it has some sort of level cap increase.

  • gmattergames

    Septembers nearly done, any update?