The Sundering is the epic name of a really cool-sounding year-long event that Wizards of the Coast is throwing for fans of Dungeons & Dragons. In a nutshell, it's a reshaping of the Forgotten Realms told via -- and this is the cool part -- a variety of media. Media, like, novels, in-store events, and yeah, even a video game. Basically, you'll be able to watch, play, and read along with the changes as they come, wherever they come from.

We're covering this specifically because it involves Dungeons & Dragons Arena of War, an Android-first game that will see a release iOS later this month. The Sundering's various changes will indeed have an effect on Arena. In fact, they'll all kinda funnel down into it, making the game reflect the state of the world as new media defines it.

Sounds crazy, right? Here's Dungeons & Dragons brand creator Nathan Stewart talking about this to IGN:

“This is super exciting for us because previously D&D changes might take a year to be implemented in new books,” Stewart said. “But we’ll be making changes in realtime to Arena of War.”

“Players will actually have a direct impact on this event that can then be reflected a little later on in the video game."

“Players that participate in our Murder at Baldur’s Gate event running in hobby shops can report their results each week using a free game. We’ll be aggregating the outcome and making narrative shifts based on majority outcome.”

If you want a crack at Arena of War, you can grab it on your Android device now. The iOS version should be out in a few weeks. Also, it's being published by DeNA.

[via IGN]

  • Slacker99

    I can't download from Google Play US store, says not available in your country.

  • TechUser2011

    > an Android-first game that will see a release iOS later this month

    Nope, I'm not buying anything that was released first on Android. It's dirty now. It's like buying a used toothbrush.

    • XvEsunavX

      Used toothbrushes are great. They already have that flavor that takes so long to accumulate. O.o

      • Bliquid

        Also, that coloured nuance you can't attain artificially.

    • Jake7905

      Hearing it called an 'android-first' game

    • snipyro

      People like you are why I dislike many of the obnoxious iPhone kids despite using an iPad myself. Riptide GP was android first and it's a great game.

    • REkzkaRZ

      What? That's silly. Do you have an Apple logo on your head or something? Get over it, dude.

    • darkcrayon

      Wondering why no one else realizes this is a joke 🙂

  • bababewey

    Still pissed that I bought Baldur's Gate but didnt get the chance to play it and had to delete to make room for XCOM the week it got pulled.

    • bigballer

      You can still download it. Just find it under your purchases in the App Store.

      • bababewey

        It's just not there, everyone tells me it should be there, but it's just not(I'm pretty sure).

    • HaunterV

      You should totally still be able to dl it through your purchases menu

    • Psac42

      Baldur's gate got pulled?? When/why did that happen??

  • john360

    Wow d&d on ios, cant wait hopefully no dissapointment like ultima forever etc.

  • REkzkaRZ

    Oooh, we can change the D&D universe by playing a videogame?!?! WOW!
    If only we could change the stupid weak-sauce D&D 4.0 rules!!! And also the way WOTC markets their books --> here's a bunch of books (approx $140). Then the next year ... 'Sorry, those books are no good. Get our new 3.5 books for $140.' Then the next year, 'Sorry, those books are no good, get 4.0 for $150.' FOREVER!!!
    I also miss the D&D Mini Adventures which was on FB & was super-popular & not a bad game. Deleted w/no explanation.
    WOTC --> C'mon, how about a little courtesy for us players???

    NOTE: I refuse to purchase any more D&D books, Magic:TG, etc b/c of this aggressive 'forced obsolescence' marketing strategy. Boooo!

  • LCD Dreams

    I was very excited about this until I read the comments on the Android version. Seems there are a lot of balance issues, and more than that, the game apparently is played like Subbuteo (google it). Yeah, I'm thinking this is more of a gimmick than a real hardcore D+D game... 🙁

    • TomCrown

      Which is probably why it was released on Android first.