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Run and Gun in the Upcoming ‘Project Joan’

joanWe’re always on the lookout for cool new upcoming games, and our forums are usually the place to find them. One game that’s been getting a lot of attention from our community is Project Joan, the tentatively titled runner/action platformer hybrid from Pilot’s Path ($3.99) developer Happymagenta. In Project Joan, your character runs automatically and you’ll use gestures to switch up and down between floors to avoid hazards and blast away bad guys. Check out some screens.


location1x2 location3x2

There’s lots more tidbits of info and images posted in our forums, including a brief video of an early beta version of Project Joan, so be sure to check that out. Project Joan is currently in a now closed beta testing period and will likely evolve some more before it arrives at its final iteration, but if the sweet, sweet pixels have caught your attention as they have mine then add it to your TouchArcade (Free) Watch List to get alerts when more news hits.