Whoa, whoa, guys: I've got a great idea. What if I made a game that combined Tetris with monster collecting and battling? Like, the game would take place across dungeons and the actual matching part would give your little monsters buffs, raising their attack speed and stuff. It'd basically be like Puzzles and Dragons [Free], except with Tetris.

Wait, EA just announced this game? It's called Tetris Monsters? And EA just put out a trailer for it? I wish my brain worked faster.

On a serious note: this game looks rad, and it's due out summer 2013 in Japan. We're working on getting confirmation of a worldwide release down the line. Stay tuned!

[via Siliconera]

  • bestkevin

    Looks cool and interesting. Looks like lots of companyes are making these type of games cuz of Puzzle & monster or whatever it is called was a big hit n a huge success.

  • B30

    And another cashgrabber from the franchise killer #1!

  • Protoman

    Wonder how many iap will be in the game?

  • RamazAdelphos

    Games looks cool

  • phonecats

    imagine if the pieces looked kinda like bitty pokemon. and when you cleared a line of all yellow "pikachus" it would level up into a raichu.


  • loganexplosion

    I bet it'll still be (IAP) pay to play EA garbage. SO glad that I still have my original Tetris app from a couple of years ago!

  • iOSPeace

    I can't wait for this game!

  • Rivalsan

    This actually looks really good! Added to the wish list.

  • Deixa

    Should be called Tetris iAPG

  • Lyra

    Would be cool if EA wasn't at the Helm. Probably going to be unplayable without a wallet the size of Phil fish's ego.

  • Jake7905

    Somewhere deep within one of EA's main office h tombstone's reading 'Real Racing', 'Plants vs Zombies',

    • Jake7905

      Posed by accident

  • rewyan

    Whoa, this summer, along with PvZ 2? Well, at least in Japan. That makes sense, considering it looks like every other JRPG and Japanese game. But seriously, it's pretty exciting.

  • rewyan

    To follow that up, I wonder if this is even coming out in the rest of the world. Everything is written in Japanese and it's Japanese themed. Either it isn't coming to e rest of the wold, or it's probably going to come a year later.

  • Jak Constantine

    Looks good. I'll give it a try.

  • Gauloises

    So when is Worldwide Release??? Almost six Month gone???

    • Gauloises

      Almost 1 Year ago!!!! Damn!

      • V for Viennetta

        Two & a half years now & still nothing…