547503_largerRymdkapsel [$3.99] is a tremendous game that brilliantly distills what RTS is all about: making a great base with an eye towards a big picture objective. But, even though it's a super breezy game to play, it isn't without its difficulties. Beating all three of the game's objectives requires attention to detail and a methodical play style that takes account of how your minions move about your base and what monolith gives you the best abilities at the time you need it the most. Also, you'll need a little speed on your side, too.

In this guide, we break down all three objectives and how to get them. Each kinda stacks into the other, so we highly suggest giving them all a quick read. Also, we've included an image of our most successful base to give you a good indication of what to shoot for as you attempt to completely win Rymdkapsel.


Researching all four monoliths ain't all that hard if you keep a couple of key things in mind. The first, and maybe most important, is efficiency. Minions are super slow, so you need to make sure that all your resource-generating rooms are close to each other. Also, you should pair rooms whenever possible. For example, when you build your Garden, put it next to a kitchen. And keep both doors facing the same way so minions can exit and enter quickly and efficiently.

Another thing: take advantage of the sluggish pace of enemy waves in the early game. The first 10 or so waves aren't a big deal, so live on the edge and expand as quickly as you can during this part of the game. But, also focus. Only build corridors to a monolith at a time. When you finish researching that one single monolith, move on to the next.


While you're building out, it's crucial to simultaneously build minions. Start making as many quarters as safely possible and packing food into them. Having a handful of minions gives you the ability to put more guys on research duties and resource gathering.

Weapon rooms, surprisingly, are pretty key to monolith researching, too. When an enemy wave comes, you don't want your minions walking really far to a weapons room. So, bring a weapon room to them instead. You still want this room to be pretty close to your base, but not plastered directly in it. Find a middle ground.

You'll probably find that all of this requires quite a bit of Extractor resources. It's crucial that you keep this supply line open, so build out to these quickly (and be okay with these never connecting to multiple pathways into the base; smaller is better.)


Even though researching all the monoliths in under 45 minutes is the last objective, it really goes hand-in-hand with researching them all.

The base building essentials we described earlier are necessary to get this objective, and so is speed. You'll want to reach and research monoliths as quickly as possible. In order to do this, build tons of minions and always set three to research a new monolith. Always research the top left monolith first because it gives your minions better speed.


It's also super handy to start building out to a new one just as you're wrapping up the current one. Don't waste waves. If you're not researching during a wave, you're wasting precious time and not capitalizing on the sluggishness of enemies in the early game. If you find yourself unable to build out because you didn't get to enough Extractors or if you lose too many minions to waves because they got caught out, start a new game. There really isn't much room for error.

And speaking of that: be okay with having a fairly messy base. Things don't need to fit together precisely. They just need to be close. You'll waste tons of time trying to get perfect matches to what you've built previously.


There's a couple of keys to this, the most important one has a lot to do with monoliths. Each monolith gives you a special ability. Research the top-left one first since it has a speed boost to impart. Research the lower-right next since it gives you better attack range. We suggest researching the top-right monolith third since it gives Extractors a little more juice. Lastly, get the bottom-right since it slows down enemy waves.

You could probably argue going for the top-right instead of the top-left. If you're in a jam and find that you've been using a lot of Extractor blocks, you should definitely get the top-right monolith second instead of the bottom-left.


Surviving beyond this is all about the compactness of your base. You want weapon rooms to be as close to each other as possible. Also, you'll probably want to expand out to a second Garden and Kitchen. The AI is a dodgy when it comes to using two rooms, so if you do end up building an extra Garden of Kitchen, use a minimum of five minions on food at all times. This forces the game to split up the horde between your Kitchens and Gardens.

By about wave 20 or so, you want to be resourceless. You want to be in a position where you've built so many quarters that you no longer have Extractor blocks. In our extremely victorious run, we managed to build 11 quarters. In the process, we had to sell of both of our Reactors, as well as all our (then cashed out) Extractors.


  • If, at any point, you find that your guys are too tied up to do an essential thing, like say, building corridors to a monolith, go ahead and tap New Game. Same goes for resource choke points -- if you need to take a time out to get another Extractor, you've probably wasted too much time to get the 45 minute objective.
  • Always keep your Kitchens stacked with resources from a Garden. Doing this makes it a whole lot easier and quicker to build new minions whenever you lose a couple to attacks.
  • We don't recommend more than two reactors. It's tempting to build them all over your base, but if you feel like you need more than that, it's probably because your base is not compact enough to survive all the game's waves.
  • Keep building Weapons rooms in unison with Quarters. Whenever you build a new Quarter, build a new Weapons room. Otherwise, where are your new dudes going to go when an enemy wave hits?
  • Speed, speed, speed. From the second a new game starts, build as quickly as you can.

Hopefully, these helped you. Rymdkapsel sure seems like an easy game on the surface, but the balance between building out your base versus staying compact is hard to strike. You might develop a couple of other methodologies as you play that we didn't think of. If so share them in the comments. We'd love to hear them!

  • xx99

    I think the monolith that slows down enemy waves is more important than the ones for Weapons range and Extractor efficiency. Slower waves means all of your minions will be spending less time traveling back and forth between productive tasks and defense. That walk from Research to Weapons can be particularly time-consuming.

    Of course, I've only played one game so far so I haven't been able to directly compare multiple strategies. I was just trying to learn the game and survive, but still managed to get all four done in 50 minutes. Now that I know what I'm doing, I'm sure I'll fit in under the 45-minute mark next time. In my first game, I went for the minion speed monolith too late; I'm sure prioritizing it will make a big difference.

    I found the Extractor efficiency monolith to be completely useless — I grabbed it last in my game and there was never a single moment that I ran out of red building materials. I think the key here was to make sure I always had 2+ Extractors early in the game and 3+ later in the game.

    The only other tip I can think of that's missing is to keep one more Weapons room than Quarters because the two initial minions don't have a corresponding Quarters.

    • Joseph Leray

      An alternate strategy -- if you have the minions for it -- is to keep some of your weapons room permanently staffed. As the waves speed up, you won't lose time moving minions around, and some will be able to create food and build new stuff while others defend them, even in the middle of an attack.

      • xx99

        Yeah, I ended up employing this toward the end of my 28-wave play. Really, once you've drained all the red resources into Quarters and Weapons rooms, there's not much you can do besides defense and food service.

    • xx99

      Just to follow up, I played my second game and did the speed monolith first, followed by the enemy-slowing monolith. I completed the other two at the same time for a 42-minute finish time.

      Kind of a bummer that I completed such a great game in only two plays, but the price was worth it for almost two hours of fun and excellent game design. I'll probably play once or twice more to try to get a lower finish time (my 42-minute game including a moment of reckless ambition that led to half my minions biting the dust).

  • Thawkk

    I unknowingly stayed up until 3am last night playing this. I love it, and I usually hate RTS games because I suck at them. I suck at this game too though, so this guide really helps. Thanks!

    • Dixon Koontz

      I too was up way too late with this game last night (this morning). Very fun.

  • witedahlia

    Thanks for this guide. I got the game on my Vita but I sucked at it. Now I'm going to buy it on iOS and give it another try thanks to you.

  • toxiccheese

    "Each monolith gives you a special ability. Research the top-left one first since it has a speed boost to impart. Research the lower-right next since it gives you better attack range. We suggest researching the top-right monolith third since it gives Extractors a little more juice. Lastly, get the bottom-right since it slows down enemy waves."


    I'm so confused?! Everything monolith can't be on the right? Right?

    • VileLin

      I managed to get all 4 monoliths at ~37 minutes on my third play through.

      I used the basic premise of RTS games, which is always maximize worker count first. As you're doing this, connect corridors to each monolith. No need to research them until you have maximized worker count, imo the speed boost is not a sufficient economic advantage to rush.

      Also, don't forget the prioritize option for construction, which is most convenient early on as you're queuing up structure.

      I actually researched all four monoliths simultaneously as soon as I hit 12 workers.

      • DBa11_r

        What do you mean by prioritize options? Sometimes my minions just choose on their own where they place resources despite which order I put the the build markers in.

      • VileLin

        When you place to build a structure, tap it again, and there's an option called prioritize! (at the bottom right of the screen). Minions will then try to build that structure first.

    • pobautista

      He means "bottom left", not "lower-right".

      H means research the monoliths in the following order: top, left, right, bottom.

  • CoryGames

    Use 3 fingers to accelerate the game

  • Marek Ratajczak

    2 hours of fun, for 3.99$ hmmm....:/

  • http://roryokane.com/ Rory

    There’s a bug that lets you change the shape of the next room to build. Just drag a room into a buildable place (note that the “next shapes” indicator in the top left changes), then cancel the build before any resources are put into it (by selecting the room outline and hitting Cancel at the top left). Switching shapes in this way can make the difference between two more corridors to reach a monolith and one.

    However, there is a limitation in this technique: you can only switch between three possible room shapes at one time in this way. When you use up a shape with this method, the shape you skipped becomes the smallest of the three upcoming shapes in the top left. You are stuck cycling between those three shapes. Eventually different shapes populate the “next shapes” indicator, but I’m not sure what triggers it – maybe a new room actually finished being built.

  • Ryan Mohr

    Fortunately I have finished all the goals and been able to reach lvl 42. But, for some reason I just cannot get any further. And to boot lately I've hardley been getting to lvl 36,ish. I'm getting flustered, and wish I could get my weapons placement better. I also always thought that monolith for better resources was the way to go, now reading I see the knowledge in doing the faster minions monolith. I thank you for that info. If anyone needs any(albeit little) info or help let me know. Same goes for anyone with a better strategy on wepons placement pls let me know.
    Thank You,

  • Changwan

    You should start with extractor efficiency if u want to last more waves beyond 28 since the total number of red resources u can use depends on the timing of decoding that monolith.

  • carl hueske

    research all in 45 minutes? LOL steam players are amateurs. The android version requires you to research all four in 32 minutes. I have gotten within 30 seconds of doing it..