642458_largerWhen Twisted Pixel finally brought their critically acclaimed platformer Ms. Splosion Man [$2.99] to the App Store, I was overjoyed. It ended up being sort of a double-edged sword though, as Twisted Pixel opted for a somewhat fractured pay model for the mobile version of the game.

It originally cost three bucks for the initial download, which is cheaper than the game was on any other platform, and a new in-game currency system was used to unlock levels beyond the first few in the game. This meant you could spend a bit more on coin packs to unlock the levels immediately, or you could focus on completing missions or replaying older levels to grind out the coins necessary to get them without paying anything extra.

It definitely wasn't the worst pay model in the world, but it certainly rubbed some people the wrong way. Disappointing too, as the visuals and touch controls worked incredibly well, making Ms. Splosion Man a joy to play on the go.

Well it's been a few months since release, and Ms. Splosion Man has received its first content update as well as its first price drop. The initial download is now on sale for just 99¢ and according to the update description the coin system has been tweaked so you'll earn more per level, making it easier to unlock the later levels in the game.

It's nice that they massaged the whole pay scheme to make it more friendly, and this update also includes iCloud save support so you can transfer progress between devices. Of course there's the requisite optimizations and bug fixes as well. If you were leery about downloading Ms. Splosion Man before due to its pay model, I think now is a good time to finally get on it as it's really one of the better platforming games on the App Store, and a steal at a dollar.

  • The Mad Mule

    You STILL have to pay to unlock later levels?! How hard is it to have the next level unlock simply because you completed the one before it?

    • dancj

      It wouldn't be hard at all, but in my experience of the game (about an hour and a half because that's how long I've had the game), the most fun tone had in this game is had by re-doing a level you've already done to beat the challenges on each level. If this system of buying levels encourages that then I have no problem with it.

      (If of course it later turns out that redoing levels to get the better times and complete challenges still doesn't get enough money to unlock levels I will change my mind).

      • dancj

        Actually, thinking about it more, Badlands could have benefitted from a similar system. I didn't really start enjoying Badlands until I went back and starts going for the missions on each level.

    • lifeat78

      Honestly, it wasn't that hard to unlock levels before. If the update makes it easier, it should be more or less "finish the level" to unlock now

  • phonecats

    i really wish Twisted Pixel were as creative with their monetization as they are with their games. sucks man.

  • Kloo13

    I loved Mr. Splosion Man on Xbox 360! Especially the coop mode! Very fun with a friend! If you are looking for a good platformer on iOS, try PixHELLanD! It's a Super Meat Boy like really amazing.

  • liteking

    The game is super fun. Sometimes the camera zoom out too far so the character looks tiny though