AnniversaryCake-01Last December, Mountain Sheep took everything good about their cult-classic dual-stick shooter Minigore [$0.99 / $1.99 (HD)] and expanded on it for a sequel. The result was the familiar arena-based shooting we all knew and loved spiced up with more enemies, more crazy weaponry, more playable characters, more... of just everything.

Well today, if you can believe it, is the 4-year anniversary of the release of the original Minigore, and to celebrate Mountain Sheep has set the sequel, Minigore 2: Zombies [$1.99], free for the first time ever. Another way they are celebrating: Minigore cake!

If you were around TouchArcade back in the day then you'll surely remember the craziness and sheer fervor that was the Minigore upcoming thread, as I can't really recall any iPhone game prior to that drawing such an insane amount of hype. The sequel drew similar hype, and a changing release date and lack of frequent updates on its progress I'm sure contributed to that, though it never felt like it got as crazy as it did with the first Minigore. And let's not even bring up Hardgore...

At any rate, if you have yet to drop the dollar or two on Minigore 2 thus far, now if your chance to finally check it out for free. It's a fun dual-stick shooter with really nice visuals and lots of variety in weapons and enemies. It feels like the "definitive Minigore experience" that refines everything that the first brought to the table, so join in on the discussion in our forums and be sure to give it a download while free.

  • marc0313

    Well IGN gave it away a month or 2 ago, so..not TECHNICALLY the first time ever, but, either way, pretty fun game.

    • dancj

      It's passable. Nice slick graphics, but the gameplay is too dull and repetitive to be with keeping installed.

      • SumoSplash

        Dull and repetitive are relative terms that can be applied to any game. Minigore 2 does exactly what it is designed to do, and delivers in this regard better than anything else on iOS.

  • DranDran

    Hot damn, grabbed it cause, well, freebie. Did not expect what could possibly be the slickest twinstick shooter on iOS.

    • SumoSplash

      The beauty of this game is the focus. It doesn't set out to do a lot of extra things, but is like a laser in terms of delivering perfect controls, awesome weapons and pure carnage. It is literally a matter of thirty seconds between pulling out your device and mauling zombies. DSP: Dual Stick Personified. And for free. Eat this one up.

  • Mj1ggy

    Great dual stick shooter, get it if you don't already have it! I didn't think I'd care for this genre but I've had a ton of fun with this one.

  • jonnyboi51

    If you don't have it, get it now!!! Awesome dual stick shooter, my favorite iOS game of all time!!

  • elmazzer

    Boring as hell (hell doesnt exist)

    • SumoSplash

      That's a shame. Every time I hear someone say that about Minigore, I suggest excluding dual sticks from your gaming catalog, since it is simply one of the best. Try Monster Shooter 2 instead. It's excellent, if you can stomach the Freemium.