467798_largerOh, what's this? A new update for Fish Out of Water [$0.99] is out? A new update for Fish Out of Water is out.

Earlier this morning, Halfbrick dropped some new features for its vibrant fish-skipping game. Of most note is the addition of costumes. Now, you can buy costumes for your fish with the game's crystal system. These costumes change your fish's abilities, too, which kinda sweetens the deal. Depending on what you get, you'll be able to fly farther, skip longer or even bounce higher.

Also, this update adds in a new "Pro Scoring Mode" for you Fish veterans out there. From what we gather, this is a secondary scoring system that allows vets to get 100,000 or more from a judge, if they've put on a good enough show.

Fish Out of Water debuted in April for iPhone and iPad. You can check out our original review here if you want to see what it's all about.

  • philodygmn

    100,000 is the max possible score calculated not by judges but by skips times distance, which is how I always wanted anyway. One thing I wish is they would reward you for super great individual throws taking into account the specific configuration of weather, fish, outfit, _and_ how many boosts you lucked/boosted into, because trying for the longest and best throw is why I actually play, not to please the judges or get a triangulated highest score. I love the variety, so I don't only want a farthest longest fish, but I play to see how far from land I can see...that's the only creative, visual difference, so that's the reward I play for.

  • ZeroVoid

    This is the kind of update this game needs. Hopefully they will keep the updates coming like for FN and JJ.

  • kupats4


  • DoctorFedora

    So, uh, does this update add a mode where you actually get to play a game instead of just watching one?

  • RunningWild

    No shit Doc Fedora. This is the only Halfbrick title I've removed from my system. It's more of a game experiment than an actual game.