dropchordIn March Double Fine Productions revealed a new rhythm game they had in the works called Dropchord. The game was planned for mobile and desktop platforms, but the interesting thing about the desktop version is that it would be released with Leap Motion Controller support, which is a 3rd party peripheral that gives you Xbox Kinect-like motion controls right on your Mac or PC.

If you happen to own a Leap controller then you can get in on some early bird action as Dropchord is available right now on the Leap Motion Airspace Store. What's more is that the other platforms won't have to wait very long to get their turn as Dropchord is set to launch on the Ouya next week on July 31st, with iOS and Android versions following right after on August 1st. It will be $2.99 across all platforms.

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  • crunc

    I can't tell a thing about the gameplay from that trailer.

    • xXHardKoreXx

      Agreed, haha. Looks good and sounds good, but hopefully it plays good!

  • copaeci

    Can't wait for this one... 🙂 looks like this will be something different unlike other