221533_largerNo lie, there's a special place in our hearts for Astronaut Spacewalk [$1.99]. It was one of the first games we did a TA Plays for, and the end result was a goofy, almost unintelligible video that featured Eli and I struggling to even turn around to do a simple task. At one point, we decided to abandon the spacewalk in favor of thrusting back to Earth. You can imagine how well that went.

It's mainly funny because Spacewalk is a really sharp simulation that demonstrates just how rough it is to walk in space. Who knew not having gravity or oxygen or limited fuel and barely any thrust could be so tough on a guy fixing a spaceship?

Anyway, here's the news: Astronaut Spacewalk is coming to iPad in the very near future, and it'll pack in some improvements including new UI, a new control layout, and even a new soundtrack. That's a lot of stuff.


IMG_0740 IMG_0709

We've got some images of the iPad version, including a very special shot of the Hubble with some interesting names on it. Naturally, we'll be doing a TA Plays of this version of the game as soon as it hits, which again, will be pretty soon.

  • ineptidude

    John Madden! Football!!

  • nini

    Real true hardcore gaming! It's no fun but you'll learn to earn your fun.

  • bwort110

    Looks nice, instant buy i think.

  • Deonaldi

    When I grow up I want to become a Astronaut... Ohh wait I can. Through the magical power of the iPad. Yaaaay

  • bluespider

    sad thing is that the space shuttle itself could have been completely run from the power of today's ipads .....

  • whitestatic

    I hope there's in-app purchases for oxygen.

  • FuZion

    This needs to also have THE most immersive graphics on display. No pun people.

    I want optional downloadable super high resolution textures for Earth, the craft & the character model, bump mapped mountain ranges/ocean surfaces & moving (Realistic) cloud maps 'above' the ground. It should also have Nick Risingers 'Sky Survey' -Amazing- photo of our Galaxy as a backdrop, Earths atmosphere, stardust zipping through it every now & then, our Solar systems planets in place, lens flares/glare, accurate moon phases & shadow cast on Earth.

    Ooh ooh... Missions all over the world. I want to feel like I'm looking down on this planet from above various different places.

    Seriously though, like the look of this. I missed it first time around. Also, I was serious about all those things since I'm not getting up there any time soon.

  • Baracus

    I played the lite version on phone and been holding out buying until the iPad version. It's really interesting. The sort of thing you could get really satisfyingly good at once the controls become second nature. Can't wait!

  • curtisrshideler

    So is it a Universal build with the new controls and soundtrack? Or is the iPad version going to be separate app?

    • GOU_NoMoreMrNiceGuy

      seconded... already bought this once. won't buy it again.

      • B30

        Same here.

  • gmattergames

    I want Buzz Aldrins Race to Space for iPad, now; please make it!

  • dalglir

    Sadly, not a universal build but the iPhone version was so awesome, I insta-bought the separate iPad version from the UK AppStore today. Proper spacewalk sim on my iPad for the price of a cheap pint of beer? Hell YES.

    Looks great. Remember: this is a SIM so the controls are realistic and the play is challenging. Persevere. Have patience and you will be rewarded with an experience that is as close to the beauty, challenge and isolation of the real thing as possible.

    Exports to Apple TV in landscape mode so younger co-pilots can help look for maintenance and debris waypoints without crowding round the iPad. If possible, looks even better on TV!

    Casual gamers looking for arcade physics, virtual thumb sticks and quick thrills need not apply.

  • dalglir

    Looks great via Apple TV 🙂

  • bwort110

    But there is no retina support?

  • i20hh

    It's now available on the australian store for ipad.

  • Adams Immersive

    Playing this is probably going to make that new astronaut movie (just saw the trailer) extra scary...